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Recycling & Garbage


Recycling Rewards

Recycling Rewards Sticker

The City of Palm Coast and Waste Pro are pleased to introduce the Waste Pro Rewards for Recycling program to all residents! This program offers every Palm Coast household, as they continue to actively recycle, the opportunity to save money each year on purchases from area businesses.

The program is very easy. Log on to www.WasteProRewards.com and follow the instructions to activate your free account, or call 1-888-234-8211 to start your account and access your discount coupon rewards. Every time you recycle, your home will be credited so that you have availability to print savings from several Palm Coast area businesses. Save money and join the City-wide effort to GO GREEN, diverting tons of recyclables away from Florida landfills.

Check out these handy quick references on proper recycling :

Right Things To Recycle

Right Things To RecycleWrong Things To Recycle

Recycle Bins

You can request recycle bins using Palm Coast Connect, or by contacting customer service at (386) 986-2360.

Battery Recycling

The City of Palm Coast initiated a battery recycling program in July 2009. As of November 2014, over 8,000 lbs. of batteries have been collected and recycled.

For your convenience there are collection boxes at 9 locations across the community where you can drop off your batteries. Consumer batteries for laptops, cell phones, portable tools, cameras, watches, hearing aids or regular AA/AAA, C, D, and 9 volt batteries can be deposited in special boxes at the following locations:

  • All City of Palm Coast fire stations
  • City Hall – 160 Lake Avenue
  • Palm Coast Community Center – 305 Palm Coast Pkwy. NE
  • Palm Coast Utility Department – 2 Utility Dr.

When you bring batteries to recycle, you will find small plastic bags alongside the collection box. In order to prevent short-circuiting during transport, please be sure to place each battery in its own bag. Alternatively, prior to dropping our batteries off, you may either place them in their original packaging or securely tape the terminals. Acceptable tape includes duct, masking, electrical, transparent and packing.

Please remember that the boxes are used to recycle batteries only and not the actual electronic device. Car and boat batteries can not be recycled in this program. To recycle these batteries, check with your nearest automotive/boat battery retailer.

The money the City receives from your recycling efforts has funded:

  • Christmas Tree Recycling Events
  • Recycled Notepads
  • Trees for the Belle Terre Median
  • The City's Arbor Day Celebration
  • Low Impact Development Workshop
  • Growing Greener Workshop
  • Bumper Stickers (report idling City vehicles)
  • Parks Recycle Bins (Tennis Center, Indian Trails Sports Complex)
  • Elementary School Student Tree Giveaways (Rymfire, Belle Terre, Bunnell, Wadsworth, Old Kings)
  • Citizen's Academy Tree Giveaways
  • Reusable Tote Bags (Citizen's Academy, Low Impact Development Workshop)

What Can I Recycle?


YES: All office paper, white paper, colored paper, newspaper, magazines, catalogs, phonebooks, junk mail, paperboard, tissue boxes, manila folders, paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, unwaxed food packaging, shredded paper, soft cover books, hard cover books (with the cover removed), paper coffee cups, un-foil wrapping paper, brown paper bags.

NO: napkins, tissue paper, paper towel, wax paper, foil wrapping paper, basically any paper that can be contaminated with bodily fluids.

CARDBOARD (All cardboard should be broken down and should not exceed 2' x 2')

YES: Corrugated cardboard, clean pizza boxes (no grease contaminants, food and wax paper removed), boxboard (ie: shoeboxes, gift boxes, cereal and pantry boxes)

NO: Cardboard lined with plastic, any waxed or waterproof cardboard.

METAL (All containers should be rinsed)

YES: Metal and tin beverage containers, metal and tin food containers, clean aluminum foil, aluminum take out containers, aluminum pie plates and trays, kitchen cookware (ie: metal pots, tins, utensils, etc), empty aerosol hairspray cans.

NO: Motor oil cans, metal and cardboard containers, paint cans, pesticide aerosol cans.

GLASS (All glass should be rinsed)

YES: All glass food containers, jars, beer and wine bottles. Please check with your local hauler to see if they accept colored glass.

NO: Light bulbs, mirror glass, window glass, ceramics, crystal.


YES: All plastics 1-7 (with the EXCEPTION of polystyrene or Styrofoam which is sometimes labeled #5), food and beverage containers, screw top jars/containers (ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, etc), deli-style containers, take out containers, plastic cups (remove the straw) milk and juice jugs, soap bottles, shampoo, laundry detergent, all other plastic jug or bottles, plant containers (if it is labeled on the bottom with a 1-7), cd/cassette/dvd cases.

NO: Plastic baggies, plastic tableware, Styrofoam containers of any kind, grocery sacks (most grocery stores will take these back. Ask Customer Service if there is a drop off for plastic grocery sacks).

In general, the advice we give is if it has a recycling number code on it, put it in your recycling container. If it is not accepted at your recycling center, they will send it to the landfill.