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Palm Harbor Golf Club

Palm Harbor Golf Club Pros

Donna Serino- LPGA Teaching Professional, Class A

Golf Pro Donna Serino

My golf career started late in life at the age of 27. I knew immediately this game would become my passion. I captured numerous wins within my first three years of playing of golf. By my fourth year, I won the coveted New England Amateur, became Massachusetts Player of the Year and broke the all-time point record. In my fifth year, I turned professional and joined the Futures Tour along with the South African Tour and West Coast Tour.

I studied and learned how to teach by one of the best teachers in the business, Two-Time Hall of Fame Instructor, Bob Toski. Bob has developed some of the best golfing minds in the business such as Jim Flick, Peter Kostis and Bob Rotella to name a few. I have been soaking in his wisdom, insight to human emotion and fundamentals of the golf swing for 20 years. I was the Head Varsity Girls’ Golf Coach at American Heritage School in Delray Beach for 7 years. My team captured District and Regional Championships five years in a row. Sun-Sentinel voted me Coach of the Year five times and Palm Beach Post three.

Teaching Philosophy
EveryBODY is different and I will help each student find their own swing in ways THEY like to learn. There is no one way to swing the club and no one way for the ball to reach it’s target. The student will learn how to build a strong foundation of fundamentals. I will communicate in a simple and relatable way so the student can reach their goal in an attainable way.


Golf Lessons Instruction Program Price for Adults Price for Juniors
Private Lesson (1 hour) $65 $50
Private Lesson (30 minutes) $40 $30
Twosome (Couples for 1 hour) $70 N/A
Group Clinic limited to 6 people (1 hour) $20/person N/A
Junior Golf Clinic limited to 6 people

(2 hours)
N/A $15/person

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Tony Rios- USGTF Master Golf Teaching Professional

Golf Pro Donna Serino

I started my golf instructor career by teaching my children back in 2012. I will share with you two statements that prompted my transformation from golf dad to golf instructor. After the first few tournaments with the Greater Tampa Bay Junior Golf Association tour, my son told me, “Dad I can only focus on 1 or 2 things during the tournaments”. Immediately after, I joined the Golf Channel Amateur Tour to better understand competitive golf. This experience helped me solidify my teaching philosophy. It helped me acknowledge and begin to understand a vast spectrum of knowledge on everything golf, and to maintain a curious outlook to adjust my teaching philosophy and as I continue to research the golf swing, and the game itself. Armed with new information I started teaching my daughter, and before long she said “Dad, you want me to do this, but you looked like this”. That was my “aha” moment about propioception. By then I was heavily involved in my research and decided to work on myself to better understand the connection between intention and actual movement. I became fascinated with the process, and decided to become a teaching professional.

Teaching Philosophy
“Organized knowledge helps organize thoughts, organized thoughts help organize practice, organized practice help organize memory, organized memory help organize reality, organize reality improves results” Tony Rios – 3BGolf.


Golf Lessons Instruction Program Price for Adults Price for Juniors
Half Day (3 Hours) $180 $150
One Hour (5 Sessions) $269 $225
Half Hour (5 Sessions) $179 $135
One Hour $60 $50
Half Hour $40 $30

Swing Assessments Price for All
K-Motion Swing Assessment (email report) (1hr) $125
BodiTrak Swing Assessment (email video analysis) (1hr) $100
Putting Stroke Assessment (email report) (1hr) $100
Online Student PKG 1 (2 Swing Assessments, 3-5 Drills – 4 Weeks) $125
Online Student PKG 2 (5 Swing Assessments, 6-10 Drills – 8 Weeks) $200

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