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James F. Holland Memorial Park

New Construction at Holland Park

Improvements to James F. Holland Memorial Park – to include a new splash and play zone, LED lighting, improved bocce ball courts, more shade coverings and more – are underway. See below for an overview of the project. We will update the progress here as the project continues.

May 17, 2021

Holland Park Splash Pad Update


We know there have been many questions about the hours of the Splash Pad and why it is not open longer. The Holland Park Splash Pad is one of the largest public splash pads in the country. With this comes a longer break-in and learning period. We are doing our best to provide the maximum amount of open hours as possible right now; however, safety is of the utmost importance. 

The Splash Pad is closely monitored and operated under strict Florida Department of Health regulations. The hours we are open are in accordance with these regulations and we will not allow public access into the Splash Pad unless it is 100% safe to do so. We care deeply about our community and especially the safety and well-being of your children. The goal is to continue expanding the hours in the coming weeks as we are able to do so safely. There are a variety of factors that affect this, such as the number of people using the Splash Pad and weather conditions, including wind and humidity. Again, the currently limited hours are temporary. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime. As a reminder, Splash Pad hours and general information are updated daily at www.palmcoastgov.com/parks/holland-park.

May 03, 2021

Holland Park Phase II Update


Open times for the Splash Pad may vary and are subject to change daily. Please check the Holland Park Home Page for daily hours. In accordance with best safety and sanitation practices, the Splash Pad is undergoing thorough maintenance, consistent with opening a large water feature. 

We will have a ribbon-cutting on Friday, May 14 at 9am.

The Splash Pad has two distinct play areas. The toddler play area is geared toward children ages 2-5 years. The larger splash portion is for children of all ages.

March 22, 2021

Phase 2 Improvements


The majority of Phase 2 improvements have been completed! These include:

  • LED lighting over the tennis courts
  • State-of-the-art bocce ball courts with hydro-irrigation installed
  • Pavilion added to the small dog park
  • Pavilions added near the horseshoe pit and shuffleboard courts
  • Playground completed to include new play equipment, pavilions, and theming (the playground is currently open with fencing blocking off the splash pad area)
  • Splash pad still underway

October 04, 2019

Construction Update


HOLLAND PARK UPDATE | Many of you have heard by now that Holland Park is getting some exciting Phase 2 Improvements! We want to share some upcoming closures as a part of this project. Only the areas being constructed will be closed off to the public; all other areas of Holland Park will remain open throughout Phase 2 Improvements. See below for updates:

• Bocce Ball Courts - They will close completely and remain closed through February 2020, so they can be demolished and replaced by state-of-the-art clay courts with a patented watering system that will help keep the courts pristine.

• Playground - The current playground will remain open throughout Phase 2 but the section where the new splash pad is going will be completely closed off for construction through July 2020. This will allow for exciting additions like animal features, water sprayers, interactive play equipment and more.

• Small Dog Park - It will remain open but portions might be blocked off while a large concrete pad and pavilion is installed providing a nice shady spot to relax while your dog plays.

• Parking - Some parking spots may be closed off for construction access.

• Pavilion 1 (in playground area) - Will be kept open as long as possible and while it is safe to remain open.

• Pavilion 3 - Will remain completely closed through October 2019 while the bathrooms are being renovated.

• Area around the maintenance building - Will remain completely closed through February 2020.

You can also see updates posted at: https://www.palmcoastgov.com/parks/hollandpark/splashpark


August 23, 2019

Holland Park Construction and Dog Park Update


The City of Palm Coast has received several inquiries about the retention pond in the large dog park at James F. Holland Memorial Park. The aeration fountain has been turned off as a result of power being cut for construction on pavilion 3. This is part of Holland Park Phase 2 Improvements. Due to the concerns of stagnant water creating a more productive environment for growing organisms, temporary fencing will be placed around the retention pond. This is a good reminder that the retention pond is not intended for swimming or drinking and is in place for stormwater requirements. Once power is restored and the fountain is turned back on, the temporary fencing will be removed. Prior to removing the fencing, the water quality will be tested and those results made available.

Consistent signage will be created and placed at retention ponds located in City parks within a close vicinity to public interaction. These signs will express the intended purpose of retention ponds and that they are not meant for swimming or drinking.

As a reminder, the rules of the dog parks are as follows:

  • Owners are responsible for their dogs at all times.

  • Use park at your own risk.

  • Dogs must be up-to-date on shots and licensed by the City.

  • Dogs must be leashed while entering/exiting park.

  • Dog waste must be cleaned up by their owners immediately.

  • Owners must remain inside the dog park and supervise their dog.

  • Dog handlers must be at least age 16.

  • Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Aggressive dogs must be removed immediately.

  • Dogs should be under voice control.

  • Not responsible for toys and items left behind.

  • Prohibited items include human and dog food/treats, puppies under 4 months old, glass containers, sick dogs, and dogs in heat.

A good practice for dog owners utilizing the dog park is to leave no trace. What goes in must come out. The City of Palm Coast appreciates the cooperation of dogs and their owners in enjoying these amenities.


August 16, 2019

Holland Park Construction Update


Expansion of the restroom portion for the men's and women's restrooms at Pavilion 3. This restroom will get all new plumbing fixtures, lighting and finishes as well.

May 20, 2019

Temporary Fencing Installation Begins Next Week


BBI Construction Management will begin installing their temporary fence across the south loop to create a construction compound the week of May 27. This will mean that traffic in the park will not be able to circle the park while this project is ongoing. Park visitors will still have all parking spaces available to them.

As a reminder, the contractor has already installed an office trailer behind the Historical Society Building. The compound created by the temporary fencing will contain all material storage trailers, office trailers and construction worker parking. This site was selected so that no existing permanent parking facilities will be impacted by the workers during the 14 month construction period.

June 27, 2019

Holland Park Phase 2 Construction Set to Begin July 8


BBC Construction Management will begin construction on the Maintenance Building and on Pavilion no. 3 (located across the drive from the Historical Society Building) the week of July 8. Signs have been posted at Pavilion no. 3 informing the public of this upcoming change.

Construction at Pavilion no. 3 is expected to last about two months. Pavilion no. 3 will be secured with temporary fencing during the course of construction and will not be accessible to the public. Construction at the Maintenance Building is expected to last about four months. The Maintenance Building area is already secured with temporary fencing and inaccessible to the public.

area of playground for splash and expansion
Area of playground for splash and expansion

bocce ball courts to be replaced and improved
Bocce ball courts to be replaced and improved
small dog park seating to be shaded
Small dog park seating to be shaded

tennis court to get new LED lighting
Tennis court to get new LED lighting

The centerpiece of the additions is a splash and play zone to be added to the existing sugar mill-themed playground. The splash park design will reflect the river, ocean, lakes and swampy areas – with water fountains and sprayers shaped like frogs, turtles, octopus, whales, manta rays, starfish, sand dollars, lily pads and cattails. Spray loops will be installed all the way down one pathway, and kids will be able to spray their friends with water cannons. The new splash park is being designed by Vortex Aquatic Structures, designer of many large water parks.

About 20 new pieces are also being added to the “dry” part of the playground, including equipment for toddlers and children with disabilities. Little ones will be able to climb a treehouse, explore a steam engine and carriage, and operate a playdozer. The playground is designed so children can develop their motor skills, learn through play and take on new challenges in a safe environment.

Other features of Phase 2 project include:

  • Addition of covered pavilions at the playground, small dog park, horseshoe, and shuffleboard to provide more shade.
  • Complete reconstruction of the bocce ball court with shade canopy covering, deck with seating, lighting, and hydro-irrigation system for the clay court.
  • Update to the restrooms at Pavilion 3.
  • Construction of a new maintenance building, to be added at the back of the property.
  • New LED lighting, including at the tennis courts.

BBI Construction Management is the construction manager for Holland Park Phase 2. S&ME Inc. in Orlando was the architectural design firm for the first phase of the playground and also is designing the playground plans for Phase 2. Joseph Pozzuoli Architect (JPA) in Flagler Beach designed the other buildings, and the electrical engineer for the project is ERS Engineering in Jacksonville.

Holland Park will remain open during the new construction, though an area toward the back of the park will be fenced off for the contractor’s storage, office space and contractor parking during the 14-month project.

Holland Park Phase 2 Construction Rendering Holland Park Phase 2 Construction Rendering