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Palm Coast Community Center


***This FAQ should only be used as a reference sheet, by no means is it a complete or comprehensive list of all the information, policies, or regulations a renter or party needs to know when renting at the Community Center. For a complete listing of the rules and regulations for use of a facility owned and/or managed by the City of Palm Coast Parks & Recreation Department, review the Facility Rental Usage Policies located at the front desk.

Please seek Community Center staff for any and all questions or call (386) 986-2323.

When and how will my reservation be approved?
  • Reservations are always submitted as a request; a reservation can only be approved by a supervisor.
  • All rentals including paid rentals are in "pending status" until approved by a supervisor (up to a week).
  • Permits for the Community Center are only issued after a supervisors approval
  • All rentals must be submitted no less than 14 days in advance in order to be considered for a request.
What forms of payment do you accept?
  • Payments may only be made by Check or Credit/Debit Card after 5 p.m. and on weekends.
When is payment for my reservation due?
  • When making a reservation, if the event is less than 90 days out, the full amount for the reservation is due at the time the reservation is made.
Can I set up my own tables and chairs to avoid the set-up fee?
  • No, renters do not have the ability to set-up and breakdown Community Center tables and chairs.
Will I get my deposit back?
  • You will get your deposit back as long as you leave the room in the condition you received it, abide by all of the City's policies and procedures, and vacate your reservation on time.
  • It is up to the renter to clean all the tables and chairs before concluding their reservation.
How do I choose a layout option for my reservation?
  • When making a reservation, a renter must choose a layout style from the guide located at the front desk.
  • Reasonably requested alterations or variations to existing layouts must be approved by a supervisor at least 30 days prior to the event.
When can I enter the room for my reservation?
  • The earliest a renter or their party can enter or begin their event is at the designated time that has been paid and set aside when making their reservation. Any additional time to a rental will need supervisor approval.
  • Time needed for decorating/set-up and cleaning/breakdown is up to the renter to include in their total reservation time.
  • Renters and their party must completely vacate their rental room by the assigned time.
  • The Facility Usage Inspection Checklist must be completed with the permit holder prior to the reservation beginning, and after the reservation has ended.
Can I use the kitchens or other heating sources?
  • All kitchens, restrooms, parking lot, playground/outside areas, and the lobby are common areas that are shared by all patrons at all times.
  • The Kitchens at the Community Center are Catering/Prepping areas they are not Cooking kitchens.
  • Sterno Portable Heating sources are permitted at the Community Center with the proper equipment and set-up.
Can I put decorations up in the room?
  • Materials (decorations, information) of any kind are prohibited from being set-up, attached, stapled, taped, tacked, pinned, glued, command stripped, velcroed, or magnetized to any of the walls, windows, or ceilings of the Community Center.
  • There is no availability for blinds or curtains at the Community Center.
  • Table cloths are not provided at this time.
Can we control the lights?
  • While certain lights in the rooms can be dimmed or turned off, Emergency Lights must and will stay on at all times at the Community Center.
Can we adjust the thermostat in the room?
  • The thermostats in each individual room are set to a range and are unable to be adjusted beyond the set range.
Can we lock and unlock doors when we need to?
  • Only staff has access to lock and unlock doors. The staff at the Community Center can lock and unlock doors in accordance with the policy only not the rentals.
Can we place messages for our personal rentals on the monitors or TVs in the building?
  • Monitors/T.V.s that are in the common areas cannot be adjusted for rental events.
  • If you have additional questions on this, please ask for our Parks & Recreation Display Policy for Outside Organizations at the front desk.
What if I want to use the projectors for my rental?
  • It is strongly encouraged that every renter who plans on using the AVI equipment bring both a laptop and USB drive containing all their data/information (even if they plan on using the Community Center's equipment). The preferred and easiest method in using the Community Center AVI equipment is a laptop with an HDMI input (Video, Slideshow), and a headphone jack cord (Phone, Music Playlist)
Can I have alcohol?
  • Alcohol is only permitted in the rooms with kitchens with the proper permit.
  • Alcohol is prohibited from being served in any breakable container or vessel (Glass, Crystal, and Fine China).
Is smoking allowed?
  • The Community Center is a non-smoking facility.
Can I reserve exclusive use of the playground or other areas outside of the rooms?
  • The playground/outside area of the Community Center is not available for rent, and is open to the public during operational hours.
Will staff secure our belongings?
  • It is up to the renter and their party to secure their belongings at all times during their rental.
  • An individual may attempt to retrieve or inquire about a lost/stolen item at the front desk, however possession of the item(s) is not guaranteed.
What if I need to request a refund?
  • All refunds are submitted as requests and require supervisor approval, facility clerks are not authorized to refund deposits.
  • All refund requests must be submitted in writing via a Refund Request form located at the front desk or through email.
  • Refunds/Deposits can take upwards to two-weeks or a full payroll cycle to be refunded.