The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) has recognized the City of Palm Coast for their focus on collecting and using performance data in the management of local government. City and staff were recently honored with a Certificate of Distinction for exceeding the standards established by the ICMA Center for Performance Measurement in the application of performance data to local government management, including training, verification, public reporting, planning, decision-making, networking and accountability.

The City developed its performance measurement and reporting system in 2012 to align City services and programs with the City Council’s Strategic Action Plan (SAP). The performance measures – used by all City departments – are tied to the City Council’s six goals, which are: expansion, economic, finance, environmental, quality of life, and workforce talent. Adopted priority focus areas include Innovation District, Business Friendly Initiative, Community Engagement, Service Delivery and Efficiency, Streetlights and Safety, Street Maintenance, Smart City and Fiber. 

The SAP process at the City began in 2012 when our now City Manager Denise Bevan led the team to align City services and programs with the City Council’s priorities,” Mayor David Alfin said. “Thank you, Ms. Bevan, for setting us on the right track and laying the groundwork that we have continued to move forward.”

This is the seventh straight year the City has received this recognition. The application and coordination with ICMA, aligning with Palm Coast’s budget and Strategic Action Plan, have continued successfully with perseverance from Workgroup members Denise Bevan, Lauren Johnston, Cynthia Schweers, Brittany Kershaw, Gwen Ragsdale, Tim Wilsey, Stacey Davis, and Kevin Brinkley.