Palm Coast – The Palm Coast City Council meets regularly to discuss and vote on official City business. These meetings are open to the public and Palm Coast residents are strongly encouraged to attend. An increase in public engagement helps to build a stronger sense of community, increases valuable discussions, and decreases division.

A workshop meeting will take place beginning at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, September 14, 2021. No action will be taken during this meeting.  

·        The Community Development Department will present the results of the public survey on the commercial vehicle ordinance and seek Council’s direction on next steps.

·        The Public Information and Engagement Department will provide a presentation detailing the proposed custom questions for the national citizen’s survey. The presentation will provide an opportunity for discussion and direction from City Council on the topics for the custom questions.

·        The Human Resources Department will present the process options for the City Manager search. Staff will be looking for a consensus on the position profile attributes. The presentation will provide an opportunity for discussion and direction from City Council on key elements of the recruitment framework needed for the Executive Search.

·        The Utility Department will present a resolution to approve an interlocal agreement with Flagler County regarding Marineland Acres drainage and roadway improvements project. The total utility construction costs that will be associated with the County’s General Contractor contract is $1,640,654.00. Of that, the County is contributing $775,277.00 leaving an amount of $865,377.00 for City funding.

·        The Community Development Department will present a resolution to adopt guidelines for the naming of public facilities in order to ensure a consistent and systematic approach to honoring individuals or organizations that have made significant contributions to the City. This will ensure that the process of naming Public Facilities results in the easy identification and location of Public Facilities.

·        The Parks and Recreation Department will present a resolution to approve the cultural arts grants for the fiscal year 2021-2022. The City of Palm Coast has been offering the annual Cultural Arts Financial Assistance Matching Grant program since 2002. Twelve applications were received for Fiscal Year 2021-2022.

·        The Community Development Department will present an ordinance to amend the Unified Land Development Code Chapter 10.02 for Floodplain Management. On 8/18/2021, the Planning and Land Development Regulation Board voted 7-0 to recommend that City Council approve the revisions as presented.

·        The Financial Services Department will present an ordinance repealing and replacing Chapter 2, Article 1, Division 3 of the City of Palm Coast Code of Ordinances. The proposed changes reflect staff titles and department division name changes, an improved bid protest process, best practice updates with respect to solicitation thresholds, and the addition of Public-Private Partnership requirements in compliance with Florida Statute 255.065.

·        The Public Information and Engagement Department will present an ordinance to amend Section 2-1(b) of the Code of Ordinances on use of the City logo. The City of Palm Coast embarked on a new marketing brand initiative in an attempt to be more innovative with its marketing strategy and as such the City’s Code of Ordinances need to be updated.

·        The Utility Department will present a resolution approving piggybacking the City of St. Augustine contract with Engineered Spray Solutions Inc for gravity sewer manhole sealing and coating. Piggybacking existing competitively bid contracts is advantageous since the pricing is generally better than what the City could obtain on its own, and the City does not incur the expense and delay of soliciting a bid.

·        The Utility Department will present a resolution approving a master services agreement with Harn R/O Systems Inc for nanofiltration membrane replacement project. This contract (ITB-UT-21-50) will be for a one time services agreement for the purchase and replacement of the membrane elements. Replacement of the membrane elements falls under the City Council’s goals and priorities to make all infrastructure a priority regarding maintenance and performance.

Public Comments will be opened at the beginning and end of the business meeting in accordance with Section 286.0114 Florida Statutes and pursuant to the City Council’s Meeting Policies and Procedures. Each speaker will approach the podium, provide his/her name and may speak for up to 3 minutes.


Meetings of the Palm Coast City Council typically occur three times per month. A 6 p.m. business meeting on the first Tuesday of the month, a 9 a.m. workshop meeting on the second Tuesday of the month, and a 9 a.m. business meeting on the third Tuesday of the month. All meetings take place in the Community Wing at City Hall at 160 Lake Avenue in Palm Coast.

Business meetings and workshops are open to the public. Business meetings are streamed live on the City’s YouTube channel. Workshops are live streamed by audio only at on the City's website.

Meeting agendas for all public meetings are posted in advance of each meeting on the City’s website. All agendas can be viewed here.

If you wish to obtain more information regarding the City Council’s agenda, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 386-986-3713. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons needing assistance to participate in any of these proceedings should contact the City Clerk at 386-986-3713, at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

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