Customers of the City of Palm Coast Building, Permitting, Zoning and Construction departments and divisions are reporting unprecedented outstanding experiences with City services by two recent customer satisfaction surveys made available to them online. 

Entitled CSAT (an industry term for Customer Satisfaction), the surveys ask builders, residents, businesses or contractors to evaluate their experiences with the City’s permit submittal, plan review and the permit inspection process. Services are rated on a scale from one to five, with five being the highest rating. For every question, in every single category, the City’s permitting efforts are averaging between 4.7 and 5.

Surveys are automatically distributed to applicants when a permit is issued and then again after the permit process is completed. Questions cover such topics as: ease of use of the building services website and the online permitting portal; courteous and knowledgeable communication from staff; timeliness and disposition of inspectors; simplicity of requesting inspections. This year, staff has received over 838 evaluations from customers.

Both surveys also provide a place for individual customer suggestions or comments. Example remarks from participants so far include:

· “Nothing to improve, you guys are killing it.”

· “I have never found a process that flows like this in my life. The city has made this user friendly and the staff have all been very helpful. Thanks for doing a great job.”

· “So easy and staff answered all this old woman's questions over the phone. I am so thankful!”

“Our customer satisfaction scores are commonly used as key indicators for how well our departments are listening and responding to the needs of our consumers – the services we are providing and the quality of our product,” says Jason DeLorenzo, Palm Coast’s Chief Development Officer. “Everything we do is geared towards customer satisfaction and these surveys are helpful to pinpoint any issues so we can continue to improve. City teams in many departments across the City should be commended for these excellent results.”

Scores registering below the number three are disseminated to the appropriate departments for follow-up on how to better understand the reason for the score and how to improve operations.