Palm Coast – As part of an effort to continually improve services to residents, the City of Palm Coast is unveiling a Beta version of the new website has married the two current City webpages, and, into a brand new online experience for residents.

The design and development of the new website was completed in-house by the City’s Research and Development team. This upgrade provides residents with a single destination for all city services and information, along with one sign in to access their account which can be customized by the resident to display the information most important to them.

“Our goal is to provide our residents with a true citizen engagement product that easily allows residents to access all of the information about their property or business, and assist them in their transactions,” said Head of Research and Development Blake Kershaw. “This site was built to meet the needs of our residents, to improve a resident’s interactions with the City, and make City information more readily accessible.”

Currently in the Beta phase, visitors will find a new landing page, a new login experience, and a customizable dashboard. The customizable features are available under the Connect tab at the top of the homepage. The new Connect uses your existing Palm Coast Connect account. Once logged into Connect, residents have a suite of options to personalize their account such as cases submitted or completed, utility billing, water usage, permit requests and other account needs.

By launching the Beta site in conjunction with the existing websites, visitors are able to give feedback to the development team and enhancements can be made accordingly. By choosing the Feedback button on the bottom right slide-out toolbar, visitors can rate the Beta site and submit comments or suggestions. Visitors to the current site will have the option to switch to the Beta site. Likewise, visitors to the Beta site will have an option to go back to the original site.

The project goals for the new website include a modern design, enhanced navigation and optimized search functionality, showcased amenities and activities, expanded communications, enhanced case handling, improved citizen engagement, and efficient virtual services.

The new site will take about a year to complete. Many of the existing subpages will ultimately direct the visitors back to the original site. The redirects will gradually decrease as more content is improved and migrated to the new platform.

Website enhancements support the City’s mission to deliver exceptional service by making our citizens our priority. It also helps develop the City Council’s adopted focus area of community engagement.

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