Palm Coast –The City of Palm Coast’s Wastewater Treatment Plant #2 was recently honored with the Florida Water Environment Association Class B Third Place Award for 2021. This distinction recognizes the hard-work and dedication by the plant’s employees to perform their mission with a strong emphasis on safety and care, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The recognition rated the Water Treatment Plant based on its size, number of employees, hours worked, chemicals used in process, accidents and lost time injuries. In 2020, the plant proudly reported no lost time injuries and not a single accident.

“It is quite an accomplishment to win this award, based on the number of plants that ordinarily apply and also on the fact that we had fewer employees available to us because of COVID-19,” Utility Systems Manager Danny Ashburn said.

Palm Coast’s Wastewater Treatment Plant #2 is located on the north side of the City on Peavy Grade. Constructed in 2018, the plant operates with a 5-stage treatment process with membrane-filtration. The process removes bacteria, viruses, and pollutants such as Nitrogen and Phosphorous. Four employees are presently employed at Wastewater Treatment Plant #2.

Palm Coast’s Wastewater Treatment Division has now received a total of four safety awards for its operations since 2018, both at Plant #2 and at Plant #1, located on Palm Coast Pkwy NW.

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