Holland Park Phase Two Facts and Figures

Splash Pad

‘The Swamp’ zone: toddler splash area depicts similar nature of Graham Swamp:

·       2 adult turtles (hand carved) with 2 nozzles each side

·       3 cattails with sprays along the tall stems

·       1 frog (hand carved) with spray in front

·       3 lily pads (hand carved) with a spray out of center

·       1 toy play frog that sprays out of its mouth

·       1 toy play turtle that sprays out of each of its front legs

·       1 set of 3 spray/bubblers

·       1 gusher spray

·       1 baby turtle (hand carved) with nearby water features

Spray Hoops

·       9 spray hoops

·       each hoop has 5 sprays

·       hoops are located along a rubber-coated sidewalk between ‘The Swamp’ splash area and ‘The Ocean’ splash area

‘The Ocean’ zone: lower splash area that reflects characteristics of the ocean:

·       1 whale (hand carved) with spray from blowhole

·       1 whale tail (hand carved) with 2 deck sprays

·       1 manta ray (hand carved) 4 sprays from its back

·       1 octopus (handcarved) with 4 sprays coming up between its tentacles

·       2 full length dolphins (hand carved) with a single spray from its blow hole

·       1 dolphin (hand carved) that is diving and has a spray just in front of where its head has just plunged into the water

·       1 sea turtle (hand carved) that has two deck sprays, 1 on each of its sides

·       3 starfish (hand carved) that spray from their centers

·       4 sand dollars (hand carved) that bubble/gush from their centers

·       4 tall palm trees that gush water from the top of the tree which then flows down the tree fronds

·       3 interactive bamboo cannons that swivel and shoot a stream of water

·       11 individual deck sprays of varying types (sprays, gushers, streams)

·       2 three-piece deck sprays

·       1 outdoor open shower

Concrete splash deck:

  • 309 yards of concrete for the splash pad deck
  • More than 11 miles of rebar
  • 900 linear feet of PVC water
  • 230 individual 1”x3’ steel dowels
  • 2,525 linear feet of expansion foam

Plumbing and pipe for splash pad:

  • 125,600 feet of pipe, more than 23 miles of pipe
  • 114 individual spray nozzles
  • 8,800 pounds of filter media
  • Note: The water does not run full time. There are three different places at the splash pad where a button can be pushed to turn on the water. The water is recycled through a sterilization process.


·       5 new covered pavilions with picnic tables

·       1 shade sail system consisting of 3 shade sails that cover a portion of the new play area

·       A trellis with 4 separate two-person bench swings

·       Additional benches for seating situated along the sidewalks

·       Three play zones with the following new play features:

Explore the Ruins zone (this was here previously, but enhancements were made)

o  A set of 9 stepping water lily pads

Building Our Community zone

o  Sway Fun – An ADA accessible large rocker with bench seats

o  Hill Net Climber – rope climber

o  Construction-themed digging pit with 3 manually operated diggers

o  Artificial Turf Mound - formed with 2 lighted tunnels and a climbing rope

o  The Cube - a geodesic wood form with climbing ropes inside

o  1 construction play springer which rocks back and forth

The Oak Hammock zone

o  A 2-car train with bench seats

o  Playdozer with multi play/climbing areas

o  Metallophone/Xylophone

o  Basket Swing

o  Wishbone shaped balancing log

o  Log tunnel for crawling through

o  The Boo – a small enclosure with climbing ropes inside

o  A 10’H treehouse

o  A full size hammock swing

o  A set of 4 stepping log stumps

o  A tree swing with 1 mother/daughter swing, and 1 toddler/ADA expression swing

Other play features in ‘The Swamp’ area by the splash pad

o  3 bug springers that rock back and forth

o  1 new spinner

o  A new swing set with 2 seats for older children/adults

Additional Phase 2 Park Details

·       8 trees relocated – all palms

·       44 new trees added to the entire phase two project

·       Covered pavilions added to the small dog park, horseshoe, and shuffleboard areas

·       New bocce ball court with shade canopy covering, deck with seating, lighting, and hydro-irrigation system for the clay court

·       Restroom update at pavilion 3

·       Construction of a new maintenance building

·       New LED lighting

·       The splash pad is 10,448 square feet

Costs and Construction

Total Project Cost

·       Phase 2: Estimated $6.28 million

o  $1.62 million from recreation impact fees

o  $600,000 from ad valorem taxes

o  $4.06 million from small county surtax

Contractors, Subcontractors, Engineering and Architectural Firms

BBI Construction Management, Inc. (General Contracting)

KDK Concrete of Volusia, Inc. (Concrete)

Van Goettling Masonry, Inc. (Masonry)

Saboungi Construction, Inc. (Masonry)

Boone Welding & Powder Coating (Metals)

Ro-Mac Lumber & Supply, Inc. (Shop Fabricated Trusses)

84 Lumber Co. (Wood Framing)

Specified Architectural Systems, Inc.     (Wood Stairs)

Beach Boyz Enterprises, LLC. (Rough Carpentry)

East Coast Systems, Inc. (Metal Roofing)

Turnsole Builders, LLC. (Fluid-Applied Waterproofing)

Santa Fe Overhead Doors, LLC. (OH Coiling Doors)

Taylor, Cotton & Ridley, Inc. (Doors, Frames & Hardware)

Steve Harper Painting, Inc. (Painting)

Lasa Construction, Inc. (Gypsum Board Assemblies)

Creative Sign Designs (Panel Signs)

Porter Corp (Poligon Shelters)

E Kelly Enterprises, Inc. Specialties

Drevo, Inc. Protective Wall Covering

Landscape Structures, Inc. Play Structures

Kompan, Inc. Play Structures

Rep Services, Inc. Play Structures Install

Playmore Recreational Products & Services      Play Structures

Berliner Seilfabrik Play Structures

Precision Playgrounds Holdings, Inc.     Play Structures Install

GameTime Play Structures

Gordon Supply Company Playground Testing

Advanced Recreational Concepts, Inc. Impact Testing

Weller Pools, LLC. Aquatic Play Areas

Shade Systems, Inc. Tensioned Fabric Structures

Apollo Sunguard Systems, Inc. Framed Fabric Structures

CT Mechanical Plumbing & HVAC

Palmetto Electric, Inc.   Electrical

4C's Trucking & Excavation, Inc. Earth Moving

Ferguson Enterprises, LLC. Waterworks

COST of Wisconsin, Inc. Site Seating

VerdeGo Landscape, LLC. Landscaping & Irrigation

Victor Stanley, Inc. Site Furnishings

Park Warehouse, LLC. Site Furnishings

Tournesol Siteworks, LLC. Site Furnishings

PRIDE Enterprises Site Furnishings

Welch Tennis Courts, Inc. Bocce Courts

No Fault, LLC. Recreational Surfacing

Forever Lawn, Inc. Synthetic Surfacing

Flagler Fence & Concrete Construction Fence & Gates

All Florida Enterprises  Temp Fence

Williams Scotsman, Inc. Job Site Office

Mobile Mini Storage Units

Waste Pro Dumpsters

Knight Jon Boy Chemical Toilets

CPH Engineers, Inc. Surveying

Universal Engineering Sciences, Inc.     Testing Lab Services

Actional Rentals Equipment Rentals

Site Secure/Miller Electric Security System

Jason Shaw Tree Service Tree trimming and removal

Lumina Group Fiber Installation, Security System

Palm Coast Signs & Graphics, Inc Signs

McNeill Signs Signs

Architects & Engineers:

S&ME, Inc.

Joseph Pozzouli, Architect

ERS Engineering Inc

Commercial Energy Specialists, Inc

Aquatic Consulting Engineers, Inc

Vortex USA Inc

Holland Park General Facts

·       Total park space is 26 acres

·       The park is home to the Palm Coast Historical Society

·       The City of Palm Coast acquired this community park from the Flagler County government on December 19, 2001. It became known as 'Florida Park' until October 25, 2002 when it was officially dedicated to former City Council member, James F. Holland. 

Note: Hours of operation may vary daily during initial opening weeks. For daily hours please visit palmcoastgov.com/parks/holland-park