Written By: Matthew Morton, City Manager

Palm Coast – The City of Palm Coast has placed the July 9th 2020 Mask Resolution on the May 4, 2021 Agenda for consideration of immediate revocation.

Effective immediately, the City has rescinded the requirement for masks to be worn at all City Facilities. “While the mask requirement has been lifted at City facilities for both employees and the public, those who choose to wear masks are more than welcome to do so”, said City Manager Matt Morton.

Mayor Holland noted “after consulting with the City of Palm Coast Emergency Management Team, Our City Manager, Fire Chief and our Community Health Partners, it is time to continue the long planned return to normalcy, to support vaccine efforts in Flagler County, and to recognize the hard work our community did in caring enough to mask up. The mask resolution has fulfilled its intended purpose and now our energy should now be shifted toward encouraging vaccine efforts and awareness”.

We have reached a point where more than 44% of the Flagler County Population has been vaccinated and 79% of those 65 and older have been vaccinated. From the beginning the mask resolution of July 9th and requirements for masks to be work at City Facilities were implemented to protect the most vulnerable among us and to carry to the point where vaccinations were readily available to a majority of the public. We have reached the point where the vaccine supply is stabilizing and appears capable to meet the demand.

The City will continue to partner with the Flagler Country Health Department and Flagler County Emergency Operations Center to coordinate vaccination site availability, communication and staffing efforts. For more information on vaccine availability and current vaccination sites please visit www.flaglercounty.org/covid