Palm Coast – Nearly 12,000 people took the City of Palm Coast’s solid waste survey during the month of March and those results were shared with the City Council at their workshop meeting today, April 13.

The survey was available to take online on the city’s websites and, on paper and also through an emailed link. It was designed to inform city leaders what residents’ preferences are for the next garbage and recycling service.

The City’s current solid waste and recycling services contract with Waste Pro ends on May 31, 2022. Under that contract, residents’ garbage is picked up twice a week, yard waste is picked up once a week and recycling is picked up once week. The rate is currently $20.36 per month.


Of the 11,965 surveys that came back to the city…

  • 67% of residents answered they were satisfied or very satisfied with the current residential collection.
  • When given the three options of consistent/timely pickups, cost, and quality service, 56% of residents said consistent and timely pickups were priority for a solid waste service.
  • As for frequency, of those surveyed, more residents (44.97 percent) agreed that they would be ok with a once-a-week collection if it reduced their monthly cost.
  • More residents (54.86 percent) also agreed that they would accept a large City-provided wheeled container, if it reduced their monthly costs.
  • Of residents surveyed, 69.81 percent said they fill up their recycling bins once a week.
  • On the subject of recycling, more residents (45.7 percent) agreed that they would be fine with a service reduction in recycling collection from once a week to every other week. Additionally, when answering another question of how important is it for the city to offer curbside recycling, 54.9 percent of residents answered that it is ‘very important.’
  • When asked about the recycling rewards program, more residents, 46.74 percent of those surveyed, said they did not know it was an option.
  • For bulk trash or white goods collection, 54.9 percent of residents surveyed said they would be okay with it picked up once a month, if it reduced monthly costs. And, a majority of residents surveyed, 49.29 percent, said they put out yard waste once a month.

“We would like to thank all of the residents who took the time to complete the survey and participate in making their voices heard,” said Cynthia Schweers, Director of Citizen Engagement. “By providing city leaders with this valuable feedback, it helps give insight into what is most important for the waste collection service as we develop a scope to include in the procurement package.”

Next Steps

The City is working with a consultant to assess the current contract and to prepare to put out a ‘request for proposal’ in May for a new waste contract. In that, the City Council decided Tuesday, April 13, on the following two options for the request:

Option A (keep same):

-garbage collected 2 times a week with resident-provided can;

-recycling collected once a week with bins;

-bulk and white goods collected once a week;

-yard waste collected once a week.

Option B (carts):

-garbage collected 2 times a week with city-provided wheeled container;

-recycling collected once a week with city-provided wheeled container;

-bulk and white goods collected once a week;

-yard waste collected once a week.

For more information, contact customer service at or 386-986-2360. A request can also be submitted through

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