As part of the City of Palm Coast’s drive to engage with residents and provide pertinent fire safety information, a video was created to help inform the residents of ways to stay safe in the kitchen this holiday season. 

Kitchen fires are one of the most reported calls during the holiday season. Whether it’s a grease or electrical fire the City of Palm Coast wants to find ways to create awareness of safety tips available for residents to stay safe in the kitchen. 

This video features Palm Coast Fire Chief Jerry Forte baking one of his popular firehouse holiday deserts ‘Crumb Cake.’ While Chief Forte bakes he discusses several fire safety tips to use while in the kitchen. The medium video was selected to communicate the public service announcement in an effort to keep viewers entertained and engaged. 

The following Safety Tips are featured in the video:

Safety Tip 1- Keep children and pets away from the kitchen while cooking 

Safety Tip 2- Keep workspaces clean while cooking in the kitchen

Safety Tip 3- Keep flammable objects away from hot surfaces

Safety Tip 4- Wear protective gear to avoid temperature burns

Safety Tip 5- Set a timer while cooking to avoid distractions

Safety Tip 6- Make sure hot appliances are turned off and not in use

Safety Tip 7- Have a fire extinguisher available for emergencies

‘Baking with Chief Forte – Safety in the Kitchen’ is available to watch on both the City website and YouTube channel.  

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