As part of the City of Palm Coast’s drive to engage with residents on the City’s Stormwater system, a new video series will walk viewers through the many areas of the Stormwater system. The first video in the series discusses frequently asked questions commonly received related to the canal system.

The following questions are answered in the video:

Question 1- Why do canals appear lower during the rainy season?

Question 2- How and when is it determined time to lower the canals?

Question 3- Why can’t the canals be drained completely?

Question 4- Can water be added back into the canals?

This educational video series will highlight different components of the Stormwater system and provide education about its comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan. Residents will see many behind-the-scenes moments to help understand the related topics being discussed.

The Stormwater Master Plan takes a big-picture look at the swales, ditches, canals, water control structures, pipes, and drainage basins and how they work together to protect homes and businesses from flooding. New solutions will focus more on the ditches and freshwater canals and will have a greater long-term impact on improving the drainage throughout Palm Coast.

“In this era of social media and information being a click away, there is a lot of misinformation out there. Staff hears examples of this all the time,” explains Don Schrager, Stormwater Operations Manager. “The basic idea for this project is to get the correct information out to our residents in a way that allows us to illustrate our efforts through video as a medium.”

Video Series will be available on both the City website and YouTube channel

Residents can check the status of capital projects, including those that are Stormwater related, by utilizing the GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping tool. You can also check on the status of swales by visiting the swale information page.

The “Stormwater Education 101” video series is a joint project between the Stormwater Department and the Public Information and Engagement Department for the City of Palm Coast.