Since 2001, the PCFD has taken pride in being the premier Halloween event for teens and adults in Palm Coast and this year is no different. To mark the anniversary, the PCFD’s is bringing back some of the most terrifying frights from the past.

“What began as a few scary decorations at the fire station has certainly evolved into an all-out event that families in Palm Coast look forward to each year,” Chief Jerry Forte said. “We have been doing this for so long now that we are seeing kids who use to wait in line for the ‘Hall of Terror’ now coming with families of their own for some Halloween fun so it has gone full circle. It’s incredible.”

Last year’s Hall of Terror event was cancelled due to concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic. But, with vaccinations and testing readily available to the public, the event is back on again this year.

“This is a long-standing tradition that Palm Coasters and their families look forward to and it was sorely missed in the community last year,” Mayor David Alfin said. “This event is a labor of love and I want to thank the entire Palm Coast Fire Department for their tremendous work in putting the Hall of Terror together to be enjoyed by our residents!”

This year’s Hall of Terror event will begin its three-night run on October 29th at Palm Coast Fire Station 21 located at 9 Corporate Drive. Admission is free and we hope to see you there!

For more information, contact the Public Information and Engagement Department by emailing