Palm Coast – The Palm Coast City Council meets regularly to discuss and vote on official City business. These meetings are open to the public and Palm Coast residents are strongly encouraged to attend. An increase in public engagement helps to build a stronger sense of community, increases valuable discussions, and decreases division.

A business meeting will take place beginning at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, October 5, 2021. Details of the items on the agenda are listed below.

  • The Palm Coast City Council will hear the results of the 2021 Intercoastal Waterway Cleanup event. The 14th Annual Intracoastal Waterway Cleanup Event took place on September 4, 2021. Staff will be presenting the results of how much trash was collected, how many volunteers registered, and what was the Most Unique F.I.N.D.
  • The Palm Coast City Council will recognize October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. An estimated 4.8 million cases of domestic violence occur each year and, at its most tragic level, kills an average of more than three women every day nationally. The Flagler County Advocates Alliance and the Flagler County Domestic Violence Task Force membership are committed to confront this crisis and are working together to increase public understanding of this problem and mobilize community efforts to end domestic violence in Flagler County.
  • The Palm Coast City Council will recognize October 1 through October 7 as Customer Service Appreciation Week. The City of Palm Coast's Citizen Engagement Department Customer Service Representatives consistently makes a difference in the lives of the residents of the City by committing to the highest standards of service every day and routinely improving services to citizens through innovative and considerate means.
  • The Planning Division will present a proposed ordinance to unified land development code chapter 10.02 Floodplain Management. During the City’s recent Community Rating System (CRS) audit, staff was informed that in order to retain the City’s Class 4 designation, revisions to the Floodplain Management section of the Land Development Code would be required. This item was heard at the August 3 meeting, the September 14 workshop, and the September 21 business meeting with no changes suggested.
  • The Financial Services Department will present a proposed ordinance repealing and replacing Chapter 2, Article 1, Division 3 of the City of Palm Coast Code of Ordinances. The proposed changes reflect staff titles and department division name changes, an improved bid protest process, best practice updates with respect to solicitation thresholds, and the addition of Public-Private Partnership requirements in compliance with Florida Statute 255.065. This item was heard at the September 14 workshop and the September 21 business meeting.
  • The City Manager Denise Bevan will present a resolution approving the fourth amendment to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office interlocal agreement for law enforcement services. At the September 22 Special Budget Hearing Meeting, City Council approved an additional ten deputies to provide law enforcement services within the City of Palm Coast. This item is to memorialize the additional payments to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office for FY 2022.
  • The Parks & Recreation and Utility Departments will present consent items for approving the Cultural Arts Grants for fiscal year 2021-2022; a master price agreement with Polydyne Inc for NSF Anionic Polymer; and a master price agreement with Polydyne Inc for Liquid Polymer.

Public Comments will be opened at the beginning and end of the business meeting in accordance with Section 286.0114 Florida Statutes and pursuant to the City Council’s Meeting Policies and Procedures. Each speaker will approach the podium, provide his/her name and may speak for up to 3 minutes.

 Meetings of the Palm Coast City Council typically occur three times per month. A 6 p.m. business meeting on the first Tuesday of the month, a 9 a.m. workshop meeting on the second Tuesday of the month, and a 9 a.m. business meeting on the third Tuesday of the month. All meetings take place in the Community Wing at City Hall at 160 Lake Avenue in Palm Coast.

Business meetings and workshops are open to the public. Business meetings are streamed live on the City’s YouTube channel. Workshops are live streamed by audio only at on the City's website.

Meeting agendas for all public meetings are posted in advance of each meeting on the City’s website. All agendas can be viewed here.

If you wish to obtain more information regarding the City Council’s agenda, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 386-986-3713. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons needing assistance to participate in any of these proceedings should contact the City Clerk at 386-986-3713, at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

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