It is with utmost sorrow that I relay to you the terrible news that the Honorable Jon Netts -- Palm Coast Mayor, Council Member, friend, public servant and husband has passed away. 

 Mayor Netts has served his community with extreme honor and distinction for 22 years, a gentle, brilliant and skilled man who never shied from serving his constituents with vigor, decency and integrity.  His wealth of knowledge about past and present matters in Palm Coast helped to establish substantive policies while bringing out the very best from all other leaders who served alongside of him.  Mayor Netts has championed a philosophy of ethics and solid principles that led Palm Coast residents to a most sought-after quality of life.

Jon Netts fiercely loved Palm Coast and I know that I can express from all of us our very deepest sympathies to his family and friends as we together learn how to cope as a City without one of our most beloved pioneers and companions. 

Please keep his loved ones in your thoughts and prayers. 


Mayor Milissa Holland