Palm Coast - Sometimes people just need to hear the sound of a welcoming voice.

Dial 386-986-2360 and what awaits Palm Coast residents are any of 12 customer service representatives who are ready to help them.

Those seeking help from Customer Service have also contacted the City through Palm Coast Connect - our online platform that helps you report to us at any time, from anywhere, about any issue you have or see.

But even with the ease of submission and response with Palm Coast Connect, it seems that numerous residents also want to communicate in a more personal way.

"We assisted with a 2020 record 12,700 phone calls in July," says Cynthia Schweers, Director of Citizen Engagement. "Folks are concerned about so many things during these challenging times and they simply want to feel the comfort and security of talking with someone who really listens to their concerns and directs them to their best resources."

This is a most thoughtful and sympathizing task for City customer service staff. With City Hall closed and most employees working remote, Lisa Asbill answers calls from home and recalls several residents who reached out because they were experiencing hardships. "We put ourselves in our resident's shoes and try to help them sort out how to handle their sometimes heartbreaking problems," Asbill said. "Our attitudes are always upbeat and we do our best to put actions behind our suggestions. We give them advice and we follow up to make sure things are moving forward."    

Michelle McPartland has experienced all sorts of different inquiries in her many years as a customer service rep and wants to be part of the solutions for residents. She and her colleagues take great pride in offering a proactive approach to their jobs by following up to ensure positive closure to each case.

Several questions Michelle has recently addressed regard new residents discovering 'Florida-like' animals (armadillos, snakes) in their yards, the purpose of their property ditches/swales, and those about the history of Palm Coast - why street names in neighborhoods begin with the same first letter.          

When Melissa Hill and her customers hear each other's children talking in the background, they share a newfound common ground - both experiencing the same unusual routine due to COVID-19. It's a connection to residents that has made her job in customer service even more meaningful. "People are comforted knowing we're all in these times together and it's even more important for me to deliver quality service to do my best to make our residents feel safe and knowledgeable."  

It certainly takes someone with a kind heart to listen and understand that every resident of Palm Coast may sometimes need reassurance from a City employee. No matter who calls, no matter from where they are calling, Customer Service takes a reactive and proactive approach to each individual situation, following through with knowledge and accountability to solve their problems and help community members feel most secure.        

Always know that Palm Coast's Customer Service staff understands that the sound of their voices can remind you that the world can be a safer, kinder place. This is their goal, so please call 386-986-2360 if there's anything they can do to help.




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