"February is Now Organ Donor Awareness Month"

"Rare Disease Day in Palm Coast"

"Celebration for Fifth Annual Health and Safety Employee Calendar participants"


Proclamations, Notes and Quotes


On February 4, 2020, a City Council Workshop meeting was held at the Council Chambers in City Hall at 6PM. During the Workshop three proclamations were announced: Organ Donor Awareness Month, Rare Disease Day, and the Fifth Annual Health and Safety Employee Calendar.  

February is now Organ Donor Awareness Month for the City of Palm Coast. The City wanted to express gratitude to the silent donor heroes and to encourage citizens to register to be a blood, organ and tissue donor. Shauntel Richardson - DonateLife Florida, John Subers - Director at AdventHealth Palm Coast, Hope Xiong - IT Support Analyst I for City of Palm Coast and John Kern - heart recipient and Father of City of Palm Coast employee Lisa Asbill were present to accept the proclamation.  

"Organ donation is a topic that I have always been passionate about for the simple reason that too many lives are lost due to a shortage of available organs each year." Explained Hope Xiong, IT Support Analyst I. "By raising awareness on blood, organ and tissue donation, we are helping to save the lives of so many people. That means more birthdays, holidays with families, weddings and many more precious moments shared all thanks to someone who made the selfless and generous act to be a donor."

"The last six months I have spent by my daughter's bedside waiting for a liver." said Mayor Milissa Holland. "She is 23 years old and for six and a half years we waited for an organ. To the donor - thank you - because my daughter would not have the ability to have a future, to have future children, and all the things of the what ifs. So it really does make a difference - it matters - and I'm grateful for it." Holland continued "I would encourage everyone out there to please consider being an organ donor and save a life."

A Proclamation was announced for a Rare Disease Day to be held in observance on February 29, 2020 in the City of Palm Coast. This proclamation is to recognize the 7000 diseases considered rare that affect fewer than 200,000 Americans. Approximately 1 in 10 people lives are affected by rare diseases.   

Families of the City Employee Health and Safety Employee Calendar came to celebrate the Calendar winners at the workshop. Those children who attended were recognized during a presentation and received a small award for their artwork being issued in the Calendar.  Barbie Bembry's grandson, Weston age 6, won the Cover page of the Calendar titled "Protect Your Skin". His illustration showed the importance of wearing sunscreen in Florida.