We understand that the Lakeview Estates development project application agenda item is important to the residents of Matanzas Woods neighborhood and many in the Palm Coast community.  Therefore, in order to allow as much opportunity as possible for participation we have taken the following measures.

First, the first reading of the agenda item was originally scheduled for December 15th at 9:00a. It has been decided to move the first reading of this item to the City Council Business Meeting on January 5th in the Council Chambers located in the Community Wing at City Hall.  We will begin this meeting at 5:30p and the Lakeview Estates development application will be the only matter to be heard. This will ensure that the appropriate time and attention to you and this matter is afforded.

The second reading of this item is scheduled for the City Council Business Meeting on January 19th at 9:00a in the Community Wing at City Hall.  The January 19th meeting will have other items on the agenda as normal. 

Second, in order to best accommodate those who wish to attend these meetings in-person and those who may not may not be able to, or not wish to, attend in person; we are providing several ways for the community to participate and be heard.    

  1. As standard the meeting will be available via video and audio on the City's website for viewing and listening.  Click here to go to the meeting information.
  2. In-person participation is available as normal.  If attending in-person per CDC guidelines:
    1. Temperature checks will be taken upon entry
    2. Masks are required to be worn.
    3. Seating will be positioned safely.  Overflow seating will be available.  Due to social distancing seating will be able to accommodate up to 85 people in total.
    4. Audio and video will be provided in the overflow area.   
  3. Standard Council procedures apply which allows for 3 minutes per person for public comments. A special phone number will be provided for those who wish to call in with their comments. 
  4. To those who wish to participate but cannot attend in person or via telephone, considering COVID-19, you may submit an email or a letter by noon on December 30, 2020 to be included in the agenda packet for this item.  Any emails or letters received after this date will be provided to Council at the hearing and will be included in the minutes for the hearing becoming part of the record.  Please email the City Clerk at vsmith@palmcoastgov.com or by US Mail to Virginia Smith, City Clerk 160 Lake Ave. Palm Coast, FL 32164.

If you have any questions regarding the meeting and the procedures please contact the City Clerk's Office at vsmith@palmcoastgov.com or (386) 986-3713.