Palm Coast - The City of Palm Coast continues to highlight local businesses in the ongoing Be Local Buy Local campaign.

For the month of December, the Communications and Marketing Division is sharing a holiday shopping campaign featuring local businesses in a special video series where local businesses are sharing how they have adjusted to COVID-19. If you'd like your business to participate, visit

Each business could be featured in a one-minute presentation showcasing video of the shop/restaurant/office and an interview with the owner/manager stating:

  • Name
  • Business
  • What the business does and offers
  • How they have adjusted to COVID-19
  • How those adjustments have helped them succeed

The first business to be featured is Blooming Flowers and Gifts at European Village. You can watch their video here:

Additionally, this month the City will feature photos on social media of businesses showing their holiday spirit. Use the link above to submit photos. Other themes include New Year's Resolutions for January and home-based businesses for February.

Be Local Buy Local is the shop local campaign for the City of Palm Coast. When residents shop within the community, your City is able to provide more amenities to residents, local businesses thrive, and thus, resulting in a healthier local economy. This is possible because every time a purchase is made within Palm Coast city limits, a portion of the sales tax is returned to the City to help fund important projects like repaving roads, installing street lights and keeping property taxes down. In 2019, the City of Palm Coast received $8.2 million from sales tax - that's the power of buying local!

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