Palm Coast - The City of Palm Coast is monitoring conditions surrounding Tropical Storm Eta.

Due to the storm, the Palm Harbor Golf Course and Palm Coast Tennis Center are closed Thursday, Nov. 12. Residents are encouraged to stay home or indoors if possible. At this time, there are no changes to Waste Pro services.

The weirs and canals have been lowered to accommodate for additional stormwater drainage. Residents may notice their swale accumulate water, which is normal for its function to collect rainfall.

  • During periods of heavy and/or consistent rains the water table can raise up high enough that it is above the bottom of the swale. This is a temporary condition. When the rains stop and the water table goes back to normal your swale should return to the same condition it was before the rain started. A simple way to tell if this is what is going on in your swale is to follow the swale down to where it outfalls (ditch or basin). If there is water in all of the swales and water is running into the outfall, even if it is not raining at that moment, then this is most likely just high ground water.

It is especially important for residents with PEP tanks (Pretreatment Effluent Pumping System) to drastically decrease water usage if they lose electricity. PEP tanks will not empty into the wastewater system if there is no power. If the tank fills to capacity, there is a risk it may back up into your home, especially if water is continued to be used.

If power is lost, whether you're on the gravity sewer system or have a PEP tank, do not do laundry, do not run the dishwasher, and reduce the time and frequency of showers. Flush as infrequently as possible. Put as little water down your sinks and showers as possible.

If your PEP tank alarm goes off, please silence it and call Palm Coast Customer Service at 386-986-2360. A crew will be dispatched for assistance as soon as it's safe to do so.

Palm Coast Public Works crews are out searching for debris. To report issues or concerns, call customer service or submit a case through

For more information on storm preparations, please visit