Today, Mayor Milissa Holland and City Council recognized Council Members Jonathan Netts and Robert Cuff for their tireless dedication to the City of Palm Coast as they sit among the Palm Coast City Council for the final time. Their many years of service to this community extend well beyond their terms on this City Council.

Council Member Netts began his public service in 1999 by first serving as a member on the City Code Enforcement Board, before serving as both a Council Member and Mayor, elected for two terms in each position.

This year, Council Member Netts most graciously and honorably came forward to serve as Council Member for District 2 as a temporary replacement for Col. Jack Howell, once again contributing his wisdom and knowledge during this transitional period for our City. 

"We will always be grateful to Jon Netts for his steadfast leadership and service," Mayor Milissa Holland said. "The professionalism under which he has performed his duties requires our utmost respect and thanks."

During his four years as the District 1 representative on the City Council, Council Member Robert Cuff proudly achieved his goals to improve intergovernmental communications and cooperation. His efforts helped to attract new businesses to Palm Coast, to update public services and to maintain and preserve our City's beauty. He championed the exploration of opportunities to use existing facilities and new technologies to provide advanced services to our residents. And he has done so humbly, always a calm voice of reason. 

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way," Mayor Holland said. "Council Member Bob Cuff truly exemplifies this quote, as he has served us all as a statesman with foresight who recognizes challenges and helps develop solutions that are good for all his constituents."