Palm Coast - The City of Palm Coast Public Works Department has won the "A Day in the Life" video contest held by the American Public Works Association.

Public Works Director Matthew Mancill announced the achievement at this week's Virtual Town Hall, which featured Mancill and Public Works Manager Marvin Calderon.

The Public Works Virtual Town Hall can be viewed here.

The contest featured dozens of Public Works teams across the country, all striving to highlight the incredible work that is done on a daily basis in their respective communities. Palm Coast's video was themed, "We Lay the Groundwork!"

It highlights the extensive, multifaceted approach that Public Works executes with rapid efficiency to keep Palm Coast running smoothly and looking beautiful.

The video can be seen here.

Mancill and Calderon also announced that Palm Coast Public Works is pursuing the prestigious honor of accreditation from the American Public Works Association.

The benefits of receiving accreditation from the APWA include valuable benchmarking tools, improved provision of services and the legitimacy of recognition from one of the premier Public Works organizations in the nation.

The three-phase process focuses on self-assessment, improvement and accreditation. Calderon estimated it would take about three years to receive to complete.

The thorough accreditation process will help increase efficiencies across the department, ultimately saving the City of Palm Coast and its residents money.