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Palm Coast - Ever wonder why the water tower is that color blue? Which ITT (International Telephone and Telegraph - Palm Coast's original developer) accountant got off work to caddie golf for Arnold Palmer? 

Those questions and more will be answered at the Palm Coast Founders Day 2020 event, hosted by the Palm Coast Historical Society and the City of Palm Coast. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the city, you'll learn about the life and sales of this unique community. The event will be held Oct. 24 from 1-3 p.m. at the Palm Coast City Hall located at 160 Lake Ave.

The event will feature several guest speakers. Local attorney, Michael Chiumento III, will share his experience growing up in Palm Coast. He will speak about living, learning, and playing from the perspective of a child. 

Additionally, Linda Kasper, a leader in ITT Palm Coast advertising, will help guests understand the selling of Palm Coast. Do you remember the sale sign on the Flagler Beach Pier? Kasper will recall how those billboards and signs were created and installed.

Early residents will also share maps, pictures, and their own stories. Palm Coast Mayor Milissa Holland will also deliver opening remarks.

Oct. 29, 1970 was the date ITT Corporation held its grand opening for the Palm Coast development. So in 2010, at the request of the Palm Coast Historical Society, the Palm Coast City Council issued a proclamation citing that date as "Founders Day" for the community. Annual celebration of the special date is now held on the available date closest to its anniversary.

This year's family-friendly event also includes an interactive element for the audience. There will be a trivia contest, cake, videos and exhibits. It is sure to be an educational and fun afternoon for all!

"Fifty years of growth is fifty years of learning, changing, and believing in our community," said Elaine Studnicki, President and Co-Historian at the Palm Coast Historical Society. "Let's celebrate our unique beginning and our journey to this moment in time and remember all of the wonderful people, past and present, who made it happen."   

"Our partnership with the Palm Coast Historical Society continually recognizes the importance of our community's history," said Parks & Recreation Director Lauren Johnston. "We are so happy to be celebrating this milestone together."

To attend, you must register through Parks and Recreation at www.palmcoastconnect.com/s/parks-and-rec.

To find out more about the Palm Coast Historical Society & Museum visit www.PalmCoastHistory.org.

COVID-19 regulations will be applied. Visitors and employees entering City Hall must be medically screened through temperature checks and a brief medical questionnaire. They must also wear a mask/face-covering in all common areas and where six feet of distance cannot be maintained between people.