Palm Coast - City crews have completed the damage assessment and there is no municipal damage to report following Hurricane Dorian. No City infrastructure was damaged from the storm. There were a few reports of minor damage on private property.

City crews did help in the cleanup of some trees down, street signs down, and responded to pep alarm calls. These were signaled to the City through the customer service citizen engagement platform, Palm Coast Connect.

This is the first year the City has had Palm Coast Connect as a tool to respond quickly and more efficiently in a storm cleanup capacity. Palm Coast Connect is online at and also available through a free app. It allows residents to report an issue or concern - any time or place. Residents are more engaged and kept more up-to-date through this tool on when and how their concern is handled as they can track how it's addressed every step of the way through completion.

During and after a storm, examples of concerns reported to Palm Coast Connect ware downed trees, impassable roads, localized flooding, and pep tank alarms.

Here is a breakdown of the more than 200 cases reported. Most have already been resolved except for a few trees that will be cleared by the weekend.

Contractor Site Issue - 9            Pep Alarms - 87                     Sandbag Question - 56

Sewer Backup in House - 17     Sewer Backup in Yard - 3      Shelter Question - 12

Street Flooding - 6                      Streetlight Out - 1                  Street Sign Down - 4

Tree Down Blocking Road - 7   Tree Down from Private Property - 6

Tree Down on Property from City Property - 10                       Storm Code Issue - 4

The Palm Coast Connect app is now available in both the Apple and Google Play App Stores.