Palm Coast - Starting this morning at 8 a.m., the City of Palm Coast is now operating its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in full activation mode to monitor Hurricane Dorian.

Since the first day Dorian posed a threat to the Palm Coast community, our employees have stepped up, some working around the clock, to make sure your City is prepared and ready to respond to any potential impact from the storm.

"We've all heard of 'the calm before the storm," said Mayor Milissa Holland. "You all are the calm before, during and after the storm. Thank you for being here. Thank you for the hard work you have done to prepare for this storm. Thank you for all of the hard work you are about to do over the next few days. Your city appreciates you."

All City employees are considered essential before, during and after a storm. Staff has been working daily on preparation for the past week cleaning up streets, clearing as much debris as possible, securing parks, and mobilizing staging crews for post-storm response - all while preparing their own homes, gathering their families' supplies and making arrangements for them to be safe during the storm. Now, staff is positioned around the clock at the City EOC which is Fire Station 25, located at 1250 Belle Terre Parkway, Palm Coast.

"Our number one goal is for all of you to go home to your families safe and sound," said Fire Chief Jerry Forte. "Our number two goal is for us to do everything we can do to get this city to get back on its feet as soon as possible and back to a normal life."

During this time, some employees are continuing to do the normal job they have with the City, while others have transitioned into other support roles to keep City staff working to serve our residents and ensure essential services continue, weather permitting. This team will be working from the EOC until the storm has passed and as the next phase of recovery and response begins.

"I know because you're here, you're not at home with your families," said Battalion Chief Kyle Berryhill. "We appreciate your sacrifice and their sacrifice."

The City's Customer Service Department began working 24/7 as of Monday, Sept. 2. The phone number to reach them is 386-986-2360. Residents can ask about closed City facilities; trees down; utility, stormwater, and public works issues, garbage questions or anything else that pertains to the City.