Palm Coast - A small section of private road connecting to Forest Grove Drive in the northern area of Palm Coast will be permanently removed.   

The section of asphalt to be removed is located in between the two red lines, which will leave the ditch there.

In the photo below on the left, there is a blue line that marks where a road barrier will be placed.

The road is on private property and not owned by the City. The road had been available to public access by an access agreement.  That access agreement has expired.

Messaging boards will be put out Monday, Oct. 7 to give residents notice that the road will be closing permanently. On Oct. 14, work to remove the asphalt and close the roadway will begin.

Residents will need to use either Forrest Grove Drive to Old Kings Road or Ferndale Lane to Fernmill Lane to Palm Harbor Parkway. Those routes are lined in the photo below on the right with blue lines.