Palm Coast - The Florida Water and Pollution Control Operators Association (FWPCOA) is recognizing the City of Palm Coast's Wastewater Treatment Plant #1 with the FWPCOA Safety Award 2018. They won first place in category 'B' for wastewater treatment plants. There are three wastewater categories as part of the award process, which are A, B, and C and are based on the size of the plant. Category 'A' is for the largest sized plants.

Wastewater Treatment Plant #1 treats most of the wastewater for the City. It is located at 26 Utility Drive and was built in 1973. Eight workers perform maintenance and operations at the plant, which runs 24 hours a day.

The City was judged on having an outstanding safety program in place that includes training completed, safety policies and a safety committee with a safety officer and meeting information. The City also had to demonstrate injury prevention methods and provide safety records for 2018, which there were no injuries at this plant during that time.

This is the second time the City has won this award. The last time the plant received this recognition was in 2013. Wastewater treatment was also recognized in 2007 and 2001.