Palm Coast -  Ahead of Dorian's arrival to Florida, the City of Palm Coast is still preparing to make sure everyone is ready for any impact the storm may bring.

Stormwater staff would like to remind residents to take in or secure loose items. During heavy rains or high winds items such as lawn furniture, yard decorations, toys, trash containers and yard waste such as palm fronds can get stuck in pipes and ditches blocking the water and causing potentially high water and hazardous conditions.

Leading up to storm impact, the stormwater department is taking a phased approach to opening the weir gates that control the City's freshwater canal systems. This phased approach ensures that additional capacity can be achieved throughout the City without one canal system overwhelming another. The process will start with the control structures for the City's larger freshwater canal systems. The second phase will involve structures that need special attention. The third and final phase will be to open all remaining structures which will be completed 24 - 36 hours prior to the start of the rain.

Staff and crews have also started checking the critical infrastructure for potential blockages and other issues in an effort to address any potential issues prior to the start of the rain event.

The pump system at Flagler Palm Coast High school has been activated and is now running.