PALM COAST - The City of Palm Coast has completed its 2019 Annual Floodplain Management report, which details the City's efforts to protect citizens and property from flooding disasters that includes, but not limited to the enhanced stormwater management program and stormwater master plan. 

The City does the report each year as part of requirements to maintain a specific status in order to provide discounts on certain flood insurance premiums for citizens who might live in specific flood hazard areas. 

The report explains the City's participation in the Community Rating System (CRS) of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Since May 2017, Palm Coast residents have benefitted from an additional discount in flood insurance premiums. For insurance holders located within a special flood hazard area (A and AE zones), a 30-percent reduction will be applied at renewal which is an average savings of $120 per policy. For properties outside a special flood hazard area, a 10-percent discount will remain the same.

download 2019 Annual Floodplain Management