NEW UPDATE 7-9-19: The building permits were canceled for vertical construction. The Wawa representative has indicated they will be resubmitting the plans using a different contractor. The City has every indication they are still coming to Palm Coast. We will keep everyone updated on the progress.

WAWA UPDATE 7-8-19: Some of you have been asking when the Wawa at Bulldog Drive and State Road 100 will be built. The site plan was approved last September, the building permit was approved in January, and there isn't any further permitting work to be done as they have all of their approvals from the City to do what they need to do to build. 

The infrastructure work such as utilities, lines, driveways, etc. is complete. As of right now, we don't have a timeline of their construction, but we know they have many stores going up throughout Florida. It's up to Wawa corporate for when they are going to construct this location. The City is excited about Wawa's first location and we know many of you are, too. We will aim to provide updates when we know them. Wawa representatives have assured the City they will be going vertical in the near future. We will let everyone know when we find out.

Stay tuned…