Three cell towers are in the works for the City of Palm Coast. Construction began at the beginning of the year, and progress is being made as crews continue to work on the projects that will improve cell service for residents and businesses.

One of the towers is located near Water Treatment Plant 1 (pictured bottom left) by Heroes Park. That tower is up, however, the cellular antennas have not yet been mounted to the mono pole. As work continues, AT&T Wireless will be the first to have service on this tower with other carriers negotiating to be included.

A second mono pole tower just went up about three weeks ago, June 7th, at Farmsworth Drive and Palm Harbor Parkway (pictured right), near fire station 24. The contractor is currently scheduled to have the cellular antenna assembly up by the end of the month. As work continues, AT&T will have its antenna on this tower while other carriers are also looking to bring their carrier services to this location.

A third tower is located near the Palm Coast Tennis Center (pictured top left). This tower will replace an existing two carrier tower at the property. The current tower is 100 feet, but the new tower is going to be the tallest of the three towers at 160 feet. With the extra height, this tower will have a special antenna to perform automatic reads for the new smart water meters. There is a partial hold on this tower at the moment so that the contractor can create necessary drawings to revise the permit and provide red and blue lights for the tower due to its proximity to the airport for aircraft to see it day or night. However, despite the hold, other work is continuing at the ground level. This tower, once up, will have three cellular carriers AT&T, Verizon and T Mobile in addition to the City having its AMI radio antenna for their automatic water meter reading Smart City initiative. 

As the projects continue and progress is made, the City will aim to update the community through completion. 

Palm Coast hasn't had a new cell tower since 2010. The City partnered with Diamond Communications LLC ("Diamond"), to build the towers on City property. In addition, Diamond is managing wireless carrier activities on three City-owned towers and the City's water tower on A1A.

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