Palm Coast - The City of Palm Coast's Utility Department TOP-OPS Team received second place honors at the American Water Works Association Annual Conference & Exposition in Denver Colorado. The TOP-OPS Team members successfully challenged 17 other water treatment plant teams from other parts of the country. The 2019 team includes Captain Fred Greiner, members Tom Martens, Robert Nelson and Coach Peter Roussell.

The TOP-OPS competition is a fast-paced question/answer format, asking questions on a broad range of topics including basic science, hydrology, water distribution, public health and sanitation, plant maintenance, safety and process control. The mission for this competition is to recognize and promote excellence in all aspects of water operations, giving operators the opportunity to showcase their knowledge and talents. The contest encourages continuing education through study in this intense competition.

The City's TOP-OPS Team, affectionately called the "Water Buoys," has competed at the national level 14 times since the team was formed in 2004. The team also competed at the state level and has won its 13th championship in April, winning the title after a hard-fought contest against two other water treatment teams from around Florida.

Pictured: From left to right, AWWA President Jim Williams, Fred Greiner, Tom Martens and Robert Nelson