Palm Coast - Fifty-nine people completed the City of Palm Coast's spring 2019 Mayor's 90/90 Challenge for Fitness - stepping up to move a combined 14,144 miles of exercise!

Those who successfully completed the Challenge were recognized and received their 90/90 medals Saturday during the Arbor Day celebration. The Mayor's Challenge was to exercise at least a mile of day for 90 straight days, and more than half of this spring's 116 participants logged the required mileage. Participants were allowed to pick any style of exercise - walking, bicycling, swimming, running, tennis or whatever sport they like.

"Congratulations to everyone who used this as an opportunity to find new ways to improve their fitness and make exercise a daily commitment. Those small steps, taken day after day, add up to an active lifestyle," said Palm Coast Mayor Milissa Holland. "We heard many stories about how the Challenge inspired people to improve their health. This is the beginning of a fitness journey for a lifetime!"

At age 99, Palm Coast resident Albert Brogan met the Challenge, committing to exercise every single day and coming across the finish line with 98 miles! One young woman, Lauren Mazzella, completed her second straight Mayor's Challenge, this time logging the most miles at 1,980! Husband and wife Richard and Robin Lacey said the Challenge inspired them to get back on their bicycles, for a combined 575 miles.

During the medal ceremony, Palm Coast Council Member Eddie Branquinho shared the story of resident Szuzi Horvath. A dance instructor in the adult community education program who used to ride her bicycle every day, Horvath has always been active. But 10 months ago she fractured her hip and had to have surgery. She was in rehab after the operation and couldn't drive for six months. She is still using a wheelchair and a walker as she recovers. Back in January she read about the Mayor's 90/90 Challenge and said that got her going again! She goes to the gym every single day and rides four miles on the bicycle machine. She walks, pushing her wheelchair or walker. And she participates in the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program at the Palm Coast Community Center twice a week. She built up her daily miles over the 90 days of the Challenge and now averages 10 miles per day. Altogether, she logged 555 miles this spring!

"One mile per day for 90 days is just the beginning of our health journey in Palm Coast," Branquinho told the Arbor Day crowd. "The number of miles achieved by each Challenge completer varies - and that's OK. Each of us made progress and took a big step toward a healthier lifestyle, and that's what counts."

Those who completed the Challenge this spring are: Taelyn Babcock, Lindsay Babcock, Bryan Babcock, Susan Baird, Jennifer Baker, Kasandra Baker, Celeste Baker, Kevin Baker, Deb Blair, Albert Brogan, Shelley Brooks, Marcia Bugos, Amy Burdan, Loretta Consolla, Craig Crowson, John Dick, Jen Duckworth, Don Dunn, Ron Florkowski, Kathie Gargiulo, Mary Goss-Crowson, Linda Grimes, Kathy Hernandez, Szuzi Horvath, Terri Jalbert, Mary Kronenberg, Robin Lacey, Richard Lacey, Ronee  Lemanski, Taylor Lochert, Tara Lynn, Margaret Marion, Lauren Mazzella, Robert McCann, Linda McCann, Linda Miller, Stephen Mitchell, Patsy Moden, Vanessa Mundrean, Dolores Musko, Wynn Newingham, Chelsea Roussel, Kate Settle, Marie Severin, Linda Sordoni, Lorenzo Sordoni, Emil Strunk, Elaine Studnicki, Candice Tarallo, Cheryl Tarallo, Sabrina Tarallo, James Tisony, Mary Tremblay, Conrad Troha, Jessie Weis, Darlene Weis, Lina Williams, Kim Wilsey and Tim Wilsey.

Stay tuned for the next Palm Coast Mayor's Challenge for Fitness. In the meantime, anyone looking for great fitness programs can see the latest offerings from Palm Coast Parks & Recreation at

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