Palm Coast - The City of Palm Coast Budget & Procurement Office has been awarded the Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials (FAPPO) Award of Excellence in Public Procurement for 2019. The City is one of only 18 agencies in the state to earn the award, and this is Palm Coast's first time to receive it.

Budget & Procurement, which is part of the Finance Department, is responsible for overseeing a decentralized purchasing process that ensures competitive bidding in accordance with the City's purchasing policy, state statute and best practices. In coordination with all City departments, staff manages all formal solicitations, prepares and executes contracts, and oversees the vendor registration process.

The City was judged on innovation, professionalism, e-procurement, productivity, and leadership attributes of the procurement function, which are also best practices in the profession. Process improvement is also a consideration.

The Budget & Procurement Office has made a number of changes to improve efficiency and customer service both internally and externally over the past few years. The changes, which include transitioning to a fully electronic bidding system and an electronic contracting process, both significantly improved the turn-around time for the City's contracts and purchase orders. By improving the processes, it also made it possible to maintain the same staffing levels even as the City and demand for procurement services has grown. Greater efficiency saves tax dollars.

"I am extremely proud of my team," said Lina Williams, Budget & Procurement Manager at the City of Palm Coast. "I believe this recognition shows that everyone's hard work in streamlining and improving the procurement processes for the City has paid off."

FAPPO promotes the achievement of excellence in public procurement and professional development through education, certification and networking of its membership. Membership consists of over 850 procurement professionals representing over 300 agencies throughout the State of Florida and comprising of many types of local government agencies to include municipalities, counties, state, special districts, school boards, public utilities and sheriff offices.

The Award of Excellence in Public Procurement was established to recognize organizational excellence in procurement. The organization says earning this award is a significant affirmation of the quality of an agency's procurement operation and demonstration of commitment to the procurement profession. A trophy will be awarded to the City at a later date.

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