Palm Coast - The City of Palm Coast will provide information on its new stormwater drainage management plan at a pair of public outreach meetings to be held at 2 and 6 p.m. Monday, March 25, at the Palm Coast Community Center, 305 Palm Coast Pkwy. NE.

The enhanced, comprehensive stormwater management plan to improve the drainage system city-wide launched recently, and projects will be ongoing for several years. The plan will address drainage issues resulting from an aging infrastructure and years of growth.

At the Stormwater Outreach Meetings on March 25, City staff will share details about the Master Plan now under way, explain the new approach being taken, and discuss immediate priorities for improving the drainage system.

The new Master Plan will take a big-picture look at the swales, ditches, canals, water control structures, pipes, and drainage basins and how they work together to protect homes and businesses from flooding. New solutions will focus more on the ditches and freshwater canals and will have a greater long-term impact on improving the drainage system across Palm Coast.

City crews have already started an accelerated ditch maintenance program and a large-scale project in the W Section. The ditch line from Woodside Drive south to Pine Lakes Parkway has been re-established, and drainage pipes are being cleaned. The City is already seeing positive effects on the drainage system even with several weeks to go until completion of the project. Plans are now being developed to address other localized drainage issues in the E, F and R sections in the near future.

The Stormwater Division is also reassessing the City's swale maintenance program. Following Hurricane Irma and heavy rainfall that year, the City's list of needed swale projects has grown and gotten significantly backlogged. The City tracks pending projects to ensure they remain in the scheduling pipeline until they can be scheduled and completed. 

For more information, contact Cindi Lane, APR, Communications & Marketing Manager, at and 386-986-3708.