Palm Coast - The City of Palm Coast's Utility Water Operations Division was named the winner in the Florida Section American Water Works Association annual Region II "Best Tasting Drinking Water Contest."

The City's Utility Department competed against six other utilities for the title. FSAWWA (Florida Section of AWWA) has been holding the contest since 2003. This is the fifth win for the City in the regional competition in the utility's history, which includes wins in 2015, 2011, 2009 and 2007.

"We are actively involved with the organization and have been for years," said Peter Roussell, City of Palm Coast Utility Systems Manager. "It gives us the opportunity to highlight our efforts in treating water. Winning this award means we are engaged in our jobs and meeting not only the drinking water regulations set forth by our Primacy Agency but exceeding them as well."

Water samples were judged on taste, color, odor, and clarity in a blind sampling test. The judges were:

  • Jim French, P.E., Chief Engineer, CCUA
  • Teddy Robinson, President, SEWRA (Society of Environmental Water Resource Awareness), UNF Student
  • Samantha Chan, SEWRA Member, UNF Student
  • Stephen Spence, E.I., Engineer Specialist II, FDEP
  • John Fitzgerald, Regional Water Supply Planning Coordinator, SJRWMD
  • Scott Laidlaw, P.G., Bureau Chief - Water Supply Planning, SJRWMD

The winners will have the opportunity to enter the state "Best Drinking Water Contest" in the April FSAWWA annual convention in Tampa and compete with nine other regions throughout Florida.

Region II consists of Clay, Duval, Flagler, Nassau, Putnam, and St. Johns counties. All public and private utilities that operate water production facilities located within the geographical area of the region were invited to participate.

The City of Palm Coast Utility Department is responsible for providing high quality, safe drinking water and environmentally responsible wastewater service to the community. With over 500 miles each of water and wastewater pipelines, three water treatment plants and a wastewater treatment facility, the Utility Department provides service to the residents and businesses as well as to various territories outside the city limits. Our staff of highly trained individuals are equipped to provide the best utility service available.