Palm Coast - Palm Coast City Council members unanimously selected Vice Mayor Nick Klufas on Tuesday to serve a second term as vice mayor for another year. This makes it the first time in the city's history for a council member to serve a consecutive term in the vice mayor role.

"It's humbling," said Klufas. "Not only is it an honor to be given this responsibility by my peers on the city council, but it's also a privilege to serve in this capacity during such a transformational time for Palm Coast. I appreciate the kind words said by my colleagues during the vote and look forward to our continued work together."

Per the city charter, council members choose a vice mayor at the first meeting after the general election, or at the organizational meeting during years when there is no election. The organizational meeting takes place on the third Tuesday of November, which happened to be Nov. 19 this year.

At the meeting, Councilman Eddie Branquinho nominated Councilman Klufas, and Councilman Jack Howell seconded the nomination.

"I just met you a little over a year ago and unfortunately we don't talk much because we can't, especially if it has to do with city business," Branquinho said. "But watching you taking over the reins, over the last few months, I'm in agreeance that we should have you prolong - if you don't mind - have you prolong, once again it's my opinion, have you prolong your job another year."

The vice mayor has the same legislative powers and duties as any other council member, except that the vice mayor serves as acting mayor during the absence of the mayor, and in that role can then have the same duties of the mayor, such as presiding at city council meetings and being recognized as the head of city government for all ceremonial occasions.

"Nick has proven to be a tremendous asset for our community and a wonderful partner on the City Council," said Mayor Milissa Holland. "I echo the confidence the other council members placed in him when he was re-appointed as vice mayor and appreciate the fantastic job he has done."

Councilman Klufas was elected to the District 3 seat for the city of Palm Coast in November 2016. At age 28 at the time of the election, he was the youngest-ever member of the Palm Coast City Council. He is a Senior Development Engineer at ACI, a real estate appraisal software company located in Palm Coast's Town Center. His term as vice mayor is effective immediately.