Palm Coast - Hurricane season is almost over as the Atlantic hurricane season runs June 1 through Nov. 30. The Palm Coast Fire Department wants to remind you that after a storm, take down your hurricane shutters.
Hurricane Dorian threatened the Palm Coast area more than two months ago. It prompted residents to protect their homes with the use of commercial and homemade hurricane shutters. However, prolonged usage of hurricane shutters or wooden boards on your home increases the risks and hazards in the event of a fire to include:
1. Occupants unable to escape in the event of a fire
2. Delayed entry of firefighters gaining access into a structure
3. Compromises firefighter safety during interior firefighting operations
4. Unable to ventilate a smoke filled structure
5. Hurricane shutters conceal fires until it's too late or it breaches the roof.
6. Drastically increases fire conditions due to trapped heat and smoke
7. Increases damage to increased fire conditions
8. Could attract burglars because home could be perceived as "empty".
The Palm Coast Fire Department encourages residents to remove their hurricane shutters - for their safety and our own - at 14 days after the threat of the storm has passed.  
For more information, contact the Palm Coast Fire Department at 386-986-2844. You can obtain more photos from our Facebook Page or for more updates follow us on Twitter @PalmCoastFire