Palm Coast - The City of Palm Coast has completed its 2017 Annual Floodplain Management Report, which details the City's efforts to protect citizens and property from disasters.

The City works as part of the Flagler County Local Mitigation Strategy Working Group to determine what mitigation actions need to be taken to reduce the risk of flooding hazards. Each year, the City does numerous capital projects, such as bridge rehabilitation and reconstruction of water control structures, replaces older stormwater pipes, and performs maintenance on the drainage system including swales, ditches and canals. The City's certified floodplain managers do community outreach to educate citizens about flood hazards and the National Flood Insurance Program.

This year's report includes information about hurricanes Matthew and Irma and also explains the City's participation in the Community Rating System (CRS) of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). On May 1, Palm Coast residents started benefiting from an additional discount to an already robust reduction in flood insurance premiums. For insurance holders located within a special flood hazard area (A and AE zones), a 30-percent reduction will be applied at renewal which is an average savings of $120 per policy. For properties outside a special flood hazard area, a 10-percent discount will remain the same. No discounts are applicable to those holders of preferred risk policies, which are already significantly discounted. As a result of Palm Coast's CRS participation, policy-holders realize an annual savings of $103,236.

The City does the Annual Floodplain Management Report each year as part of requirements to maintain a specific status in order to provide discounts on certain flood insurance premiums for citizens who might live in specific flood hazard areas.

The report has been posted on the City website, and all are invited to review it at

For more information, contact Cindi Lane, Communications & Marketing Manager, at 386-986-3708