Palm Coast, Fla. - The City of Palm Coast will begin construction this week on the first phase of the Seminole Woods Multi-Use Path - a two-year project that will add eight miles to the City's network of pathways, trails and bicycle lanes.

"Seminole Woods is the last Palm Coast neighborhood to be without a multi-use path facility, so it has been a major priority for us and we're excited to get started," said Senior Planner Jose Papa. "After this we will focus on filling in smaller segments and connectors and adding more amenities such as trailheads and benches."

The Seminole Woods Multi-Use Path is included in the City's Recreation and Parks Facilities Master Plan and its Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan. Seminole Woods is in southeastern Palm Coast.

The first phase will be a 10-foot-wide concrete path along the east side of Seminole Woods Boulevard from State Road 100 to the southern intersection of Ulaturn Trail. The section is a little over a mile long. The project is included in the Capital Improvement Plan and is being funded by federal Community Development Block Grant funds and City CIP funds.

Design and construction are being done in-house by City departments, said Stormwater System Specialist Don Schrager, the project manager. Design and permitting were done by the Engineering and Stormwater Department and the Community Development Department, and construction will be done by the Public Works Department.

In all, the project will cost an estimated $1.45 million and be constructed in six phases covering a little more than eight miles. The remaining two phases planned during 2014 are along Seminole Woods Boulevard from Ulaturn Trail (south) to Citation Parkway, and along Seminole Woods from Citation Parkway to Sesame Boulevard.

The remaining three phases to be constructed in the 2014-15 fiscal year will be along Citation Parkway and Sesame Boulevard, connecting the loop back to Seminole Woods Boulevard, and the remaining section of Seminole Woods Boulevard from Sesame Boulevard to U.S. 1.

For more information, contact Communications and Marketing Manager Cindi Lane at 386-986-3708.