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Rooted in Nature - For Our Future - City of Palm Coast01:26 | Uploaded 8/31/2018
POSTED : 8/19/2019

As part of the Holland Park construction process, City staff will be temporarily fencing off the retention pond within the large dog park.

POSTED : 8/16/2019

Volunteers from previous years reflect on the annual event, their unique finds, and mission to serve the community through environmental preservation. 

POSTED : 8/15/2019

The newly promoted firefighters were ceremoniously pinned by their family and friends at a ceremony held at City Hall. 

POSTED : 8/14/2019

On Tuesday, Aug. 13, members of the re-energized Sports Alliance group met at City Hall to connect and update on the new effort.

POSTED : 8/8/2019

A proclamation was presented at the City Council meeting on Aug. 6 and purple lights illuminated City Hall on Aug. 7. 

POSTED : 8/8/2019

The road will remain open to residents, but delays can be expected.

POSTED : 8/8/2019

Learn about SHIP's housing programs, eligibility criteria, and the application process 

POSTED : 8/8/2019

Flagler County and the City of Palm Coast's distribution of State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) funds are projected to be $350,000 for State Fiscal Year 2019-2020.

POSTED : 8/8/2019

We want feedback from the community regarding our approach to building and development related permitting, process, and customer service. Two meetings have been scheduled.

POSTED : 8/5/2019

In order to maintain the reliability of the water distribution system serving our customers, the City of Palm Coast Utility Department will temporarily change the disinfection process for the Palm Coast potable (drinking water) water supply. 

POSTED : 8/2/2019

The City of Palm Coast will provide information on its enhanced stormwater management program at a pair of public outreach meetings to be held Aug. 5 from 1-3 p.m. at the Palm Coast Community Center, 305 Palm Coast Pkwy. NE and Aug. 20 from 5-7 p.m. at City Hall, 160 Lake Avenue.

POSTED : 8/1/2019

Additional storm preparations include infrastructure upgrades and utilizing new technology.

POSTED : 7/31/2019

The City of Palm Coast is calling on Flagler Palm Coast High School students to help design the future of Town Center, the area that will be the City's downtown. Today, City Manager Matthew Morton highlighted this special program at the City of Palm Coast and Flagler Schools joint annual luncheon.

POSTED : 7/29/2019

A portion of the sidewalk path in Town Center from east of the movie theater to the roundabout connection near Central Avenue will be closed from Aug. 1-May 1 as construction will be occurring in that area.

POSTED : 7/15/2019

The City of Palm Coast has a variety of upcoming events and recreational and sports activities that are open to the public. See a list of activities, including the fall schedule, at www.parksandrec.fun.

POSTED : 7/2/2019

This is the sixth consecutive year that the City of Palm Coast has received this recognition.

POSTED : 6/27/2019

Three cell towers are in the works for the City of Palm Coast. Construction began at the beginning of the year, and progress is being made as crews continue to work on the projects that will improve cell service for residents and businesses.

POSTED : 6/19/2019

After more than a year of planning, preparing and training, the City has three drones and a dedicated team overseeing the program where this new technology will be used for various projects helping operations be more efficient and reduce costs.

POSTED : 6/18/2019

The City of Palm Coast announces two personnel appointments aimed at promoting quality development and identifying opportunities and strategies that will pave the way for a more business and customer friendly culture while honoring the City's high standards for the built environment and our exceptional quality of life.

POSTED : 6/18/2019

City of Palm Coast HR & Learning Manager Debbie Streichsbier is being promoted to the permanent position of Human Resources Director.

POSTED : 5/13/2019

The City of Palm Coast won first place in the 8th Annual Wyland National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation for cities its size - with 8,022 Palm Coast residents pledging to cut water use by 33 million gallons over the next year! Winners were announced Monday by the Wyland Foundation.

POSTED : 1/22/2019

Construction of a new cell tower on Palm Coast Parkway has begun - the first major project of a Palm Coast City Council plan to improve cell service city-wide.

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