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Geographic Information Systems
The City of Palm Coast prepares and uses this map/map data for its own purposes. This map/map data displays general boundaries and may not be appropriate for site specific uses. The City uses data believed to be accurate; however, a degree of error is inherent in all maps. This map/map data is distributed "AS-IS" without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied including, but not limited to, warranties of suitability to a particular purpose or use. Detailed on-the-ground surveys and historical analyses of sites may differ substantially from this map/map data. The user of the City provided information may find it desirable and beneficial to consult other sources and engage professionals to analyze, and provide advice relating to, the information made available by the City and other data sources.

To purchase a printed copy of any of the maps in the table below, contact Customer Service at (386) 986-2360. Map prices for color copies

Map Available Size Price
Street Map 36x48 $25.00
Street Map (Grid Index) 8.5x11 Free
Future Land Use 11x17 $3.00
Future Land Use 36x48 $25.00
Voting Districts 36x48 $25.00
Zoning 11x17 $3.00
Zoning 36x48 $25.00

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Additional GIS Resources This web page contains links that lead to additional sources of geographic and LiDAR data. Dimensions : Adoptable Assets Dashboard - Public Public-facing view of adoptable asset of the City of Palm Coast. Includes streets, medians, parks and trails. Dimensions : Canal Herbicide Spray Ops - Public Canal Herbicide Spray Operations by crews under Andy Hyatt. This dashboard is public-facing Dimensions : Capital Project Dashboard - Public Public-facing view of project details throughout Palm Coast and their progress. Dimensions : City of Palm Coast GIS Maps Home Page GIS Maps Home Page for the City of Palm Coast Dimensions : City of Palm Coast Voting Districts This web application contains information about the City Council voting districts for the City of Palm Coast. Dimensions : City of Palm Coast Web Map Services - Public Data Store City related view only web map rest services and downloadable feature rest services can be found here. Dimensions : Development Projects Approved and Active Developer Projects in the City of Palm Coast Dimensions : Disaster Recovery Map Book (62 pages) A printable mapbook of Palm Coast, for disaster recovery efforts. 11x17" pages, 62 pages total. Dimensions : 11x17 Filesize : 18.1 MB Downloadable LiDAR Data Downloadable 2017 LiDAR data for the City of Palm Coast. Dimensions : FEMA Flood Zones / Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Use this web mapping application to create FIRMettes or full FIRMs. This is a web mapping application that was created by FEMA. Dimensions : Flagler Co. Neighborhood Map Flagler County Neighborhood Information This app allows residents to search for their address and determine schools, trash pick-up days, voting information, and more. How to use: 1. Search for your address in the search bar in the top left corner to zoom to your area. 2. Click on your address to view the pop-up with all of the information. You can toggle layers and open the legend in the top right corner. Use our Neighborhood Services App to find services throughout the county. For more information visit the Flagler County Website. Dimensions : Flagler County LiDAR Elevation Viewer Imagery Viewer LiDAR was taken in 2018/2019 by the Florida Department of Emergency Management and Department of Environmental Protection Palm Coast LiDAR was taken separately in 2017 by the City of Palm Coast in conjunction with Dewberry. Aerial imagery was taken in early 2023 by Flagler County in conjunction with Eagle View. Contours are in 2 foot intervals and are taken from the combined LiDAR data. Dimensions : Flagler County LiDAR Footprints PDF with links to download the zip files for the LiDAR data from the Florida Statewide LiDAR project. When a tile is clicked, it will download a zip file that includes the .lasd file, ground return DEM, and 1 foot contours. Dimensions : Flagler County Property Appraiser Map Flagler County Property Appraiser Map / Parcel Search Dimensions : Flagler County Road Closures - Public Web Map Road closures, tracked by Flagler County. Scroll down to the web map. Dimensions : Floodplain Maps (PDF Files) This link contains Floodplain maps and Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) for the City of Palm Coast in a PDF format. The Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) and Flood Insurance Study (FIS) took effect on June 6, 2018. Dimensions : Future Land Use A printable 11x17 PDF map of representing the official City of Palm Coast Future Land Use Map. Dimensions : 11x17 Filesize : 648.7 KB Future Land Use A printable 36x48 PDF map of representing the official City of Palm Coast Future Land Use Map. Dimensions : 36x48 Filesize : 3.6 MB Innovation District This web mapping application contains information about the Innovation District, which encompasses City Hall, the Airport, and surrounding businesses and land. Associated information such as Business Districts and Developments of Regional Impact can be found in this web mapping application. Dimensions : Non-Residential Zoning Use Map map of most of the non-residential zoning districts in the City with a zoning use table attached in the pop-up for each zoning district. Dimensions : Property Records and Land use (Publicly Accessible) BETA - still in development. This publicly accessible web mapping application shows FLUM and Zoning related layers, which is useful for overlaying over the Flagler County Parcels and determining land use. Dimensions :