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Rain Barrels

Why a Rain Barrel?

Widespread use of rain barrels reduces the amount of rainwater reaching the ground in a particular area and draining into streams and storm drains, and hence reduces erosion, sedimentation and pollution, and prevents storm water drainage systems being overwhelmed. Rain barrels additionally provide free, soft water for use in watering plants which reduces the strain on municipal water systems.

Rainwater is not potable due to the potential presence of contaminants from roofing materials.

How Much Water Could We Save?

If 20,000 homes in Palm Coast harvested and reused 500 gallons of rainwater from every two inches of rainfall (average 50 inches per year), it would equate to 250,000,000 gallons of water per year that would not be pumped from Florida's aquifers and would not have to be disposed of in the City's Stormwater system.

How Many Rain Barrels Do I Need?

You can use one rain barrel as a collector from your downspout and overflow into several storage rain barrels. Most of the roof and gutter sediment will settle in the first rain barrel and provide cleaner water to your storage barrels.

Making a Rain Barrel