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Environmental Educational Outreach/School and Youth Programs

Help the City of Palm Coast protect the environment ~ Join C.H.I.R.P (Children Helping in Resource Protection) and make some noise for nature.

Enroll your class in one of the following events and come along for adventure... Learn about the environment, see wildlife, help combat invasive species, and other fun activities. The City of Palm Coast Green Team is hosting the following programs for fall 2018 and spring 2019.

  1. Linear Park Eco-station Rotation
  2. Long Creek Nature Preserve Eco-station Rotation
  3. The City comes to you

The City covers travel costs associated with the C.H.I.R.P program. However, it is the responsibility of the head teacher to arrange transportation (busing) for the event and provide the invoicing for the City to arrange payment. Invoices must be submitted within 6 months of the original program date for the City to cover the transportation costs.

New to C.H.I.R.P.!

Florida Museum Logo

An entomologist from the Florida Museum of Natural History will teach students about the fascinating world of bugs. Students will learn about the subtle differences between butterflies and moths, their lifecycles, and even get to see some real bugs in this activity!

Marineland Logo

Marineland Dolphin Adventure: Allow our dolphins, sharks, and sea turtles to inspire your students' passion for marine life, while our educators harness that passion and focus it on achievable conservation actions. Students will have hands-on opportunities with marine biofacts while being introduced to, and excited by, marine science. Students will leave with a conservation bag including a discount coupon good for one of our dolphin interactions.


Project Wild is an interdisciplinary conservation and environmental education program emphasizing wildlife. Project WILD capitalizes on the natural interest that child and adults have in wildlife by providing hands-on activities that enhance student learning in all subject and skill areas.

2019 – 2020 CHIRP Program Schedule

1. Linear Park Eco-station Rotation - Located at 31 Greenway Court, the 57-acre park is nestled between east and west bound lanes of Palm Coast Parkway. The park has been designated as a Great Florida Birding Trail by the Audubon Society for its vast diversity of bird species. Restroom facilities are available.

2019 Fall Options:

  • Oct. 29th & 31st
  • Nov. 19th & 21st
  • Dec. 10th & 12th (FULL)

2. Long Creek Nature Preserve Eco-station Rotation - Located at 1050 Palm Harbor Parkway, the nine-acre preserve provides fishing and kayak/canoe access to both Long Creek and College Waterway, and a tranquil area for walking and enjoying the outdoors. Its natural beauty serves as a living laboratory for the C.H.I.R.P program. *No restroom facilities available.

2020 Spring Options:

  • Feb. 11th & 13th (FULL)
  • March 24th & 26th (FULL)
  • April 7th & 9th

3. We come to you... - Appointment Only. K – 5th Grade (maximum 30 participants).

*This option provides teachers an ability to formally request City staff assistance and resources in your school. If you are requesting City participation, please include a detailed description of the expected staff, event time and data, resource focus, class size, location, etc. Please note that submitting a request does not guarantee staff resources and availability.

Upon completion and submission of the provided on-line form, your application will be received and reviewed by Green Team staff. Once approved, you will receive confirmation of your reservation and subsequently, staff will work towards scheduling and organizing the event with your group. Please be courteous to other potential participants by minimizing your requested events to one (1) per group. Once the program events have been reserved, the associated program will be closed out with the status posted on this web page.

Below are topics covered by C.H.I.R.P. These topics are subject to instructor availability and park location.

What's in the Water: City staff will perform a water quality test on the City's canal system. The test will cover pH, dissolved oxygen, nitrates, and phosphates in the water.

Wet and Wild with Whitney Lab: Whitney Lab trained docents showcase marine life in a hands-on opportunity to introduce students to marine biology by exploring how animals breathe, find and eat food, protect themselves and survive in their environment.

Park Ecology Nature Walk: A guided tour through the wilds of Linear Park or Long Creek discussing invasive nonnative plants and their effect on Florida's ecosystems, along with wildfires and the benefits of prescribed burns.

Animal Control: The City's Animal Control officers will explain responsible pet care, what to do if you encounter a stray animal or unknown animals and the catch pole capture demonstration.

Venomous vs. Non-Venous: Central Florida Zoo presents the secret life of the endangered Florida Indigo Snake.

Featured Creatures: presents a wildly exciting and interactive educational experience with live animals. The program consists of animals, questions and answers, and lots of fun learning about the animal kingdom and their habitats. Students will learn how they play a role in the protection of Florida's environment and wildlife.

Florida's Mangroves: A Florida Certified Arborist will discuss the ecological role of mangroves as a shoreline stabilization, the strange reproductive methods of mangroves, mangrove's role as nursery grounds and a physical habitat for a wide variety of vertebrates and invertebrates.

Program Logistics: do's and don'ts

Head teachers are asked to text message or call the CHIRP coordinate when busses pull out of the school.

Prior to park arrival students need to be broken down into designated groups determine by City staff. It helps staff if each class wears a particular color shirt to designate them from other students. This is not a requirement but it helps staff keep track of all students during rotations.

Students should dress appropriately for the outdoor environment and current weather conditions. If it's raining the morning of the event, the program will be cancelled and NOT rescheduled till the following year. Please call or text the City coordinator for details. Your class will have first choice of next year's program dates.

Students need to bring a reusable water bottle as the city will provide igloos of ice and water (cups are not provided). Students and teachers are responsible for cleaning the park of their trash before leaving. Teachers are responsible for hand sanitizers and/or wipes for their class.

Snacks and fundraising activities associated with snacks are NOT permitted during the program.

Students that are disrupting the program will be asked to leave. All teachers are responsible for their student's behavior during the day's events.

If an emergency arises during the program, notify on site City staff immediately. They'll arrange for immediate care of the student or students.