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Water Treatment Plant 1

Line Diagram

Source Water

The withdrawal of water for Water Treatment Plant #1 is accomplished by thirty-one gravel pack type of production wells pumping from the surficial aquifer. The raw water is piped directly to the treatment facility by two lines feeding the clarifiers/softeners.

Source Water Source Water Source Water


Lime softening is often used to reduce the hardness of water and to enhance clarification prior to filtration. Hardness is the sum of all multivalent ions, which for typical water treatment applications are mainly of calcium and magnesium. The lime-softening process is performed in six basins, each rated for 1.0 MGD. The two chemicals utilized for the process, which are injected into the reaction zone in the basins, are lime slurry for softening and aluminum chlorohydrate for enhanced coagulation for turbidity reduction. The treated water from each clarifier flows out to a common 16-inch header for the west side and a 16-inch header for the east side. These two common headers feed a common pipe which feeds the six multi-media filters.

Clarification Clarification Clarification


Water Treatment Plant #1 uses dual media filtration to remove suspended solids. There are six dual media filters, each with a surface area of 175.5 square feet and a filtration rate of approximately 4 gallons per minute per square foot for a total filtration production capacity of six million gallons per day. The dual media filters are comprised of 20-inches of anthracite, 9-inches of sand, 9-inches of gravel to support the media, an underdrains system, head loss gauges, rate of flow controllers and a backwash system. The backwash system is used to remove accumulated fines from the filter media bed by reversing and increasing the flow to approximately 18 gallons per square foot for approximately 20-minutes which will effectively cleaned filter media grains. Once the softened water has been filtered it then goes to the clearwell which is designed for not only storage but to allow for constant filtration rates.

Filtration Filtration Filtration

Finished Water

Water Treatment Plant #1 has four Transfer Pumps to convey treated water from the clearwell to the ground storage tanks. The facility has two ground storage tanks for water storage. The water is pumped from the storage tanks to the distribution system by high service pumps. The facility has a total of six high service centrifugal pumps, 3 pumps rated at 1000 gpm and 3 pumps rated at 2000 gpm.

Finished Water Finished Water Finished Water