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Maintenance/Rehabilitation Projects

Westlee Pipe Lining Project:

In March 2020 our Stormwater Maintenance Supervisor, Kevin Nelson received a work order from the Stormwater System Coordinator, Conrad Troha, about a pipe failure at 118 Westlee Lane. After investigating the failure and realizing the severity of the situation, several staff members of the Stormwater division quickly coordinated an approach to have this repaired immediately.

Insituform was contracted to line the almost 500 feet of pipes and although they had doubts about whether they can even do the job because of the condition the pipe was in, they managed to complete the task. By having the pipe lined instead of replaced Stormwater maintenance staff were not put into a potentially dangerous situation, the need for temporary construction easements were avoided, no sidewalks had to be torn up and the Golf Course was not required to close for any period of time. This project took an immense amount of coordination on Kevin's behalf with City staff, property and Pine Lakes Golf Course owners, and the contractor. This project was completed in July, 2020.

Swale Maintenance/Rehabilitation Program :

The City’s Stormwater Division has several swale inspectors who regularly inspect the quality and functionality of swales within Palm Coast and make determinations on if the swale system is functioning normally is if it needs some form of maintenance. If maintenance is required, the location of the swale is placed onto a GIS map so that is never forgotten.

Our swale maintenance crews rotate around the entire city annually and perform maintenance in each section for 2 months at a time. Specific locations for maintenance are chosen within each section in order to maximize the amount of improvement that can be done in relation to the function of the entire Stormwater system as whole. Check out the Swale Maintenance Map on the City’s Stormwater webpage to see which area of the City the Swale Maintenance crew is working in.

Freshwater Canal Maintenance :

All 58 miles of freshwater canals and their associated control structures are routinely maintained by both City Stormwater maintenance crews and outside contractors. This includes management of aquatic weeds by chemical, mechanical, and biological methods.

The city is also responsible for the 26 miles of saltwater canals that eventually feed into the Intracoastal Waterway. To find out more about where Canal Maintenance is occurring around the City, check out or interactive Canal Spray Schedule Map on the Stormwater webpage.

Pipe Rehabilitation and Maintenance Program :

The City of Palm Coast’s Stormwater Division has implemented a Pipe Rehabilitation Program to ensure the functionality of all Stormwater pipes and conveyances throughout the City. This includes pipe inspections, replacements, linings and cleaning of sediment and debris from pipes that vary in size from small, residential driveway pipes to large, high-capacity storm drain pipes located under main roads. In Fiscal Year 2020 the Stormwater Division contracted out 18 pipes for lining projects, cleaned over 500 pipes amounting to over 78,000 linear feet, replaced over 3,000 linear feet of Stormwater pipe in-house and have inspected every pipe in the City for erosion and sedimentation buildup.