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The City of Palm Coast Central Services division oversees procurement and is located in the City Hall, 160 Lake Avenue, Palm Coast, FL 32164. The division is under the direction of Beau Falgout, Administrative Services & Economic Development Director (bfalgout@palmcoastgov.com).

The Central Services division is responsible for overseeing a decentralized purchasing process that reviews and processes purchase orders, obtains quotes and ensures competitive bidding in accordance with the City's purchasing policy. To ensure overall compliance with the City's purchasing ordinance, staff coordinates and develops formal Invitations to Bid, Requests for Statement of Qualifications, Requests for Proposals, Requests for Information, and Letters of Interest. Staff also oversees the vendor registration process.

For questions regarding procurement, please email purchasing@palmcoastgov.com.

Notice of Special Meetings

The City of Palm Coast Review Committee meetings will be held in the City Council Conference Room at the City Hall, 160 Lake Avenue, Palm Coast, FL 32164 for the purpose of ranking and/or short-listing responses to Requests for Proposals, Requests for Qualifications, and Letters of Interest. The meeting date and time will be noted under the solicitation on the City's website.

For questions, please call 386-986-3730 or e-mail purchasing@palmcoastgov.com.

Becoming a Vendor

For questions about becoming a vendor for the City, please call 386-986-3730 or e-mail purchasing@palmcoastgov.com.

Vendor Registration

Central Services Procedures and Guidelines

Bid Process

The City of Palm Coast's procurement portal enables the City to accept and evaluate bids/proposals electronically. You must be registered on the procurement portal in order to download any solicitation documentation. Register & view public opportunities here: https://palmcoastgov.bonfirehub.com/portal

Important Note: Paper submissions will not be accepted. All proposals must be submitted electronically through the procurement portal.

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Quote Process

The City of Palm Coast, Florida uses the GovQuote web tool to secure QUOTES for goods and services. This site is NOT used for bids, only for the collection of quotes for goods and services. Please register to ensure you receive notification for all requests for quotes at: https://www.govquote.us. Registration and use of GovQuote is a free service to secure quotes that do not require a Formal Quote or Bid Process.

Local Bid Preference Policy

The City has a Local Bid Preference Policy designed to aid local vendors. The Policy allows Local Vendors to be awarded a solicitation if their cost to the City is within 3% - 5% (depending on amount) up to total of $20,000.

Preference is given first to a vendor/contractor with a business address located within the City of Palm Coast. If no vendors/contractors with a local business address respond to a solicitation, preference is then given to vendors/contractors with a business address located within Flagler County.

Competitive Sealed Bid/Proposal/Qualification Process

  • Bid documents are sent to the Purchasing Office by the user department
  • Project is advertised and posted on the City's website
  • A pre-bid conference is held (when necessary)
  • Vendors'/Contractors' submittals are due at the Purchasing Office in accordance with the bid documents
  • Bids are publicly opened and read by the Purchasing staff
  • User department reviews the submittals
  • A recommendation is submitted by the user department to the Purchasing Office
  • The Purchasing Manager, in conjunction with the user department, recommends award of the chosen submittal to the City Council for their approval
  • Contract agreement is sent to the vendor/contractor for signature
  • The vendor/contractor signs the contract and provides the appropriate bonding and insurance information
  • Once signed by the vendor/contractor, the contract is sent internally for the appropriate signatures
  • The contract is officially executed after it is sealed by the City Clerk
  • Copies of the contract are distributed to the user department
  • Finally, a Notice to Proceed (NTP) is issued to the vendor/contractor to begin the work

Do's and Don'ts for Doing Business with the City of Palm Coast


  • Submit all necessary documents requested in the Required Submittals packet (particularly signed and dated addenda)
  • Carefully review and sign all required forms (unsigned forms may render the submittal non-responsive)
  • Submit all responses on time (allow enough time for the submittal to arrive at the designated City location)
  • When bidding alternates, bid only those alternates equal to the item specified
  • All submittals get scanned and become public record – please feel free to review your competitors' submittals
  • Fill all orders received on a timely basis and as specified
  • If you are experiencing problems providing goods/services, advise the user department immediately of said problems so that a mutually agreeable solution can be worked out
  • Timely submit invoices that contain all of the information necessary for Accounts Payable to expeditiously process payment


  • Don't contact any member of the City Council, City Manager, or City staff members, other than the noted contact person(s), prior to the City Council having voted on the solicitation response
  • Don't provide goods/services without a bona fide Purchase Order from the City
  • Don't respond to solicitations for which your company cannot provide the required goods/services
  • Don't respond to solicitations for which your company cannot obtain the required insurance or bond(s)
  • Don't qualify a solicitation in a manner contrary to the terms and conditions of the solicitation (i.e. if an ITB specifies a one year contract period, don't bid on a six month period)
  • Don't supply misleading delivery information
  • Don't ask to change your prices after a submittal has been opened by the City
  • Don't submit your response late or ask to have a late submittal accepted
  • Don't omit required information
  • Don't use correction fluid (if need be, cross out and initial, in ink, any changes on the required forms)
  • Don't price items using units of measure contrary to the units of measures stipulated in the solicitation (i.e. if an ITB requires that you bid discount percentages, don't bid unit prices)
  • Don't offer gifts - "No City of Palm Coast official or employee may accept any gift or gifts in connection with their service or employment to the City of Palm Coast."

The City of Palm Coast invites you to bid on its projects and looks forward to doing business with your company.

Beau Falgout
Administrative Services and Economic Development Director
City Manager's Office
Phone : (386) 986-3796
Office : City Hall
160 Lake Avenue
Palm Coast, FL 32164
Central Services Division
Phone : (386) 986-3730
Fax : (386) 986-3724
Office : City Hall
160 Lake Avenue
Palm Coast, FL 32164
Kelly Little-Downey
Purchasing Coordinator
Administrative Services
Phone : (386) 986-3731
Fax : (386) 986-3724
Office : City Hall
160 Lake Avenue
Palm Coast, FL 32164