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Street Light Criteria

You must acknowledge that you understand this criteria before submitting a street light request.

General 75 Watt Street Lighting:

The purpose of general street lighting is to:

  1. Mark street intersections and entrances to public facilities (used after dark) to assist motorists find and anticipate them after dark.
  2. Provide moderate ground illumination under said street lights.

General street lighting is not to be installed to:

  1. Provide general street illumination for vehicular traffic.
  2. Provide street illumination for pedestrian traffic.
  3. Provide security lighting for property owners.
  4. Act as a warning to motorists at curves, the end of cul-de-sacs, dead end, etc. (Street lights are not effective for this purpose and are not to be used as a substitute for eye-level, reflective signs.)

Special Street Lighting-including higher wattage units

Special lighting shall be considered for vehicular and pedestrian safety as follows:

  1. To illuminate complex, high–traffic intersections that may exist where driver confusion can result because of complicated traffic patterns.
  2. To illuminate street side areas, such as bus stops and school bus stops, where there is a regular congregation of people after dark.
  3. To illuminate crosswalks on streets were, at night, there is frequent pedestrian or bicycle traffic.
  4. To illuminate the intersection of two or more streets.

Application of criteria

The following guidelines shall apply in approving requests for recommending general and special street lighting:

  1. Regular or special street lighting may be installed at any intersection where conditions conform to these criteria.
  2. Priority shall be given to those intersections which in the judgment of the staff making the review, service the higher traffic volumes or present the higher safety need.
  3. Consideration shall be given to the availability of, or cost to provide, poles and electrical service at the requested location.
  4. Consideration shall be given to the availability of budgeted funds to pay for the requested Installation.
NOTE: Requests which do not conform to the criteria will be denied. If you request a light in a location that does not conform with the criteria, Florida Power & Light (FPL) can provide a private security light operated at your expense. For more information, contact FPL AT (800) 226-3545.
I acknowledge my understanding of this criteria


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